Nawazali A. Jiwa’s study: “Towards an Online Searchable Bibliographic Database for Ismaili Studies”

Nawazali A. Jiwa has published a study entitled “Towards an Online Searchable Bibliographic Database for Ismāʿīlī Studies,” in Theological Librarianship 11: 1 (2018): 37-50.

Nawazali A. Jiwa's study: “Towards an Online Searchable Bibliographic Database for Ismaili Studies”Abstract:

Research in the field of Ismāʿīlī Studies has increased exponentially during the last decades. However, all of the existing bibliographies in the field are print-based, which lack the efficient and effective searchability offered by online bibliographic databases. This paper explores some ideas towards creating an ideal online searchable database dedicated exclusively to Ismāʿīlī Studies. It covers elements of an ideal database such as search features, subject headings, linking, metadata, abstracting, and indexing. Moreover, it provides the rationale for a specialized database, as opposed to using multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary databases to conduct research in Ismāʿīlī Studies. The database can serve as a model to implement a similar specialized database for other areas of research within and beyond theological and religious studies.

The full text is available at:


Nawazali A. Jiwa is a graduate of the School of Library and Information Studies (University of Alberta) and has a special interest in Islamic and Ismaili Studies librarianship.


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