“Let me look at my Master with untiring zeal and passion”

Kalaam, Sufi saint Sultan Bahu. Translation Mehboob Aly Manji

Eh tan meraa chashmaan hove,
Murshid wekh na rajjaan hoo.

Loon loon de mudh lakh lakh chashmaan,
Ik kholaan ik kajjaan hoo.

Itniaan dithiaan sabar naa aave,
Hor kite val bhajjaan hoo.

Murshid daa deedaar hai Baahoo,
Lakh karorhaan hajjaan hoo.


Were my whole body festooned with eyes,
I would gaze at my Master with untiring zeal and passion.

O, how I wish that every pore of my body Would turn into a million eyes –
Then, as some closed to blink, others would open to see!

But even then my thirst to see him,
Might remain unquesnched. What else am I to do?

To me, O Bahu, a glimpse of my Master,
Is worth millions of pilgrimages to the holy Hajj of Ka’ba!


Mehboob Aly Manji is a progressive entrepreneur of Pakistan with 40 years of project development experience, an international development practitioner. Voluntarily served as Chairman of Aga Khan Health Services – Pakistan (Punjab & KPK Region), Gazetted member of Punjab Food Authority – Government of Punjab (Pakistan) and Member Board of Studies of Pakistan’s oldest Agriculture University – Faisalabad (Pakistan). He currently offers time and knowledge for improvisation of human development index and real time working on poverty alleviation and women economic empowerment projects.

In Abida Parveen’s voice:

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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