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jalalladak.com - Radio Host Jalal LadakMy name is Jalal. I wasn’t always a radio-jockey: I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, where I was educated and was an active member of the local Shia Ismaili Muslim Scouts, and Rovers associations. Furthermore, during the years of my youth, I was interested in sports (cricket and table tennis), the arts and thus participated in numerous plays and musical performances. Just recently, I attended the 2016 Jubilee Games, hosted in Dubai, UAE, where I held the position of being the manager for the Canadian table tennis team.

jalalladak.com - Radio Host Jalal LadakSubsequent to immigrating to Calgary, Canada in 1991, I commenced by career in the media business with first being a solo radio host for 94.7 FM Sabrang Radio. Years later, after moving back from San Jose, California, the Salaam Namaste Canada crew began to formulate. During these past few years as director of Salaam Namaste Canada Productions Limited, I, along with my team, have promoted local guests from a variety of fields as well as local artists, such as Bashir Somani, Barkat Ali, Rishma Manji, and plenty of more. A notable guest that has appeared in our program more often than not is Salim Merchant, of the famous Salim-Sulaiman duo, who first made his debut on our show when participating in his North American tour in 2014, and has been a great supporter and friend ever since. Just recently, I conducted an interview with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

jalalladak.com - Radio Host Jalal LadakOther guests that have joined me include: members of the Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk as well as Aga Khan Development Network to talk about the work of these organizations around the world, Theo Fleury from the Calgary Flames, Kelly Kirch from Sportsnet 960 the Fan, Dr. Ali Asani from Harvard University, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Ustaad Raza Ali Khan – a master of Indian classical music, Indian Idols, and many more.

After a very successful start to the Salaam Namaste Canada radio program, I decided to progress our media involvement, and thus now host TV shows on Chak De TV, weekly, where local celebrities or significant figures in society are interviewed and promoted.

Despite Salaam Namaste Canada simply being a hobby, it has impacted my life in great ways and now has embedded itself into my daily life.



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