Diamond Jubilee Dua: From the Zafeera Kassam Collection of 60 Poems for Hazar Imam (Always and Forever)

Zafeera Kassam

Diamond Jubilee Dua

Permit us to cry tears of gratitude
into a decanter,
Scented with rosewater
to wash Your feet with reverence;

Permit us to fashion our passion
into carnations,
Beaded together in a garland
to adorn Your majesty;

Permit us to melt our excitement
into gold,
Cast into a chain
to titivate Your filigreed khilat;

Permit us to foster our pride
into red carpets,
Unravelled worldwide
to usher You to Your throne;

Permit us to sing our joy
into qasidas and aartis,
Invocations from the heart
to garner Your jubilation;

Permit us to cook our love
into biryani and chicken samosas,
A dainty dish for the King
to feast, in utmost delight;

Permit us to bake our zeal
into multi-tiered cakes,
An alchemy of flavours
to celebrate all the years;

Permit us to choreograph our fortune
into dandia ras and cultural dance,
A yearlong of communal festivity
to commemorate our most beloved Imam.


We will be releasing Zafeera Kassam’s Book of Poems, “Always and Forever” in few days.

Zafeera KassamCopyright © 2017 Zafeera Kassam

Zafeera Kassam is an Ismaili murid and teacher by profession, living in Nairobi. She hopes to be continuously inspired to write praises of our beloved Hazar Imam for as long as she can.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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