The Art of Abdul Rahim (Hunza) – Journey to the Light

Abdul Rahim: from Hunza, and a proud Ismaili Muslim. Studied at National College of Arts Lahore. Did his graduation in Miniature Painting. His theses was a tribute to the d’ai Nasir Khusraw.

After graduation, Abdul moved to Karachi where he taught Miniature painting and Sculpture at CIAC “Art Council” for two years. After that, in 2008 he moved to Gilgit. He had been working with Rupani Foundation as head of Fine art section and marketing consultant of art work. Parallel to this, he worked with Karakoram International University as an Artist, where he served in designing publications and Interior and exterior work of campus.

In 2013 he moved to Islamabad and started teaching at National College of arts. These days he is working on a calligraphic sculptures and looking forward for a solo show.

Journey to the Light

Journey to the light is a tribute to Hakeem Nasir Khusraw Da’i-dawa who was a great philosopher and-well- known lsmaili Missionary, medieval erudite poet, traveler and Hujjat of Khurasan.

The Art of Abdul Rahim from Hunza: Journey to the Light

This piece of artwork is an illustrative miniature painting. The layout of painting is divided in three parts: History; Medieval time, and present.

Each part portrays a different time period and story.

Starting from left, the first part portrays the history and the evidence of Buddhist beliefs of people, their living styles and traditions, and architecture of that time.

The central part of the painting which is a circle composition, is to symbolize the perfection. The story of Nasir Khusraw moves around the circle, the center of circle from where light spreads around the painting is symbolizing the enlightenment of Ismaili Dawah in our region. The whole story is based on a verse from the book “Wajh e Din” face of religion by Nasir Khusraw. which says.

Bar Jan e man chu noor e Imam e Zaman bitoftLail az sara e badam shams ud zuha shuddam
Naam e Buzurg Imam e azeen ast azeen qabal Chu zahra baddo bar sama shuddam.

The third part is a portraiture of differences between different belief systems of Islam, but they all have common objective. “I am a witness” and being Muslim, pointing out the differences and conflict indirectly through a Quranic verse which says “And hold fast by the rope (covenant) of Allah all together and be not disunited”….Quraan: Sura Aal-e- Imran, Ch 3 Ayat 103.

Next in this incredible artist’s substantive collection is ‘Journey of the Soul’.




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