God Loving and God Fearing – Shahista Moez Alidina (Shaykaa)

God Loving and God Fearing – Shahista Moez Alidina (Shaykaa)We can only practice humanity if we love the creator and the universe,be grateful for our existence and the nature and treat all mankind equally with love and humbleness.The foremost step is to practice faith which will awaken your love for the creator and have gratitude.

Source: God Loving and God Fearing – Shaykaa

Shahista Moez Alidina (Shaykaa) is a Tanzanian Ismaili of Indian origin born in Dar es Salaam, brought up in Dar es salaam and schooled in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam.



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  1. The only and best way is all in the 1st paragraph of this very truthful words. If only all could follow this, life would be very much peaceful for all. I urge all to take this very seriously, especially seeing what is going on around the world which is fast going down, unless we try to do what this article says. Thanks Shahista for sharing your work and words with all.


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