Tajikistan: Wild and wonderful, a blank spot on the tourist map

Tajikistan is wild and wonderful, a blank spot on the tourist map. A team from Globetrotter went on a tour to the Pamir Mountains and returned delighted.

Tajikistan: Wild and wonderful, a blank spot on the tourist map“A terrific, almost pristine landscape and friendly, welcoming people – that is how I experienced Tajikistan”, explains Globetrotter manager Andreas Bartmann. Last summer, he travelled through the Central Asian mountain region with his friends Kay Rittmeister, Holger Moths and Thomas Lipke. Usually, they work together: Kay has supported Globetrotter for many years as a lawyer, Holger as an architect and Thomas was the CEO until recently. Every couple of years the old mates plan a special tour, and after a canoe trip through Canada and a dog sled expedition on Spitzbergen, they then wanted to go on a “journey into the unknown”. Leave the comfort zone, discover something new, broaden the horizon.

Tajikistan: Wild and wonderful, a blank spot on the tourist mapAt this point, Matthias Poeschel entered the game as the “travel guide”. He lives in Tajikistan and acts as a consultant to the Aga-Khan foundation on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation. His goal is to boost tourism in the impoverished former Soviet Republic because tourism creates jobs.

More at the source: Tajikistan: with Yak and bag in the Pamirs | 17. November 2016, Text: Iris Lemanczyk – Globetrotter Magazin – Das Portal für Globetrotter


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