On the passing away of Allamah Nasir Hunzai (1917-2017)

By Inaam Muhammad Baig

Naseer e Jee ye Jauhar Guimo Shul Sakhti lo Daigus Na
Uyam Deedare Badalo lo Uyam Ji gor Fida Sultan

Said in 1940s and proved it.

Our most respected and most beloved teacher professor Dr. Allamah Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai leaves this World:

O Beloved Teacher what can I say on this time of separation and sadness. You were our teacher for three generations. My father learnt a lot from you and worked together as your best friend until his demise. My wife Dr. Jamila and my sons Shah Ardabeel Baig and Taweel Ali also learnt from you, and so were thousands and thousands who directly got enlightened from your true Knowledge.

We all are sad in your separation, O our Beloved Teacher.

What I learnt from you is much, much greater wealth of knowledge and wisdom compared to the Five degrees that I acquired from the universities of this material world.

You in your personality were our best university, our best learning centre and our way to progress in true Knowledge.

For many of us you were a miracle of Allah for us.

Allamah Nasir HunzaiThroughout the Ismaili history, scholars and dais sacrificed their lives for Noor Imammat. You were the best among all of our times, serving two Imams of the Time for 8 decades.

There is no match to your greatest literary contributions to the contemporary Ismaili thought process of our times in particular and mystic Sufism in general and common to all humankind.

Your greatest contributions to develop and preserve Burushaski language will always remain recorded in Golden Worlds.

The World will remember you for many centuries to come and all your great literature will spread all over the world…

“Nasir e Ishq Kitab Alamar Pharish Mai me

Nasir’s Love Book will be known to the whole World.

By Inaam Muhammad Baig (adopted from a Facebook post).

Allamah Nasir Hunzai was a Shia Ismaili Pakistani missionary, scholar, writer and poet, known for his work on Islam, Ismailism and the Burushaski language. Rest in peace.


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10 thoughts

  1. A great loss. May God Almighty rest his soul in the eternal peace. His contribution & efforts in preservation of Burushaski language, culture and his long services to the Ismaili faith will ever be remembered to the generations.


  2. May Mowla Bless the soul with eternal peace.
    His intellectual contributions to Quranic understanding of faith more especially for Brushaski listeners and readers is priceless treasure, that will remain alive for ever…

    “Rohwe aalam cchequm manas un xhum
    Zindagia Nowbahar Imam e Zaman

    Rohwe shuraiesh e birqirang agunaa
    assa gari jeeiay yar Imam e Zaman”


  3. Prayers for Allama Saheb’s eternal rest and peace.
    “The learned continue to live after death. The ignorant are dead while living.”
    Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.


  4. “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”
    it is with great sadness that I learned of the passing away of Professor Dr. Allama Nasir Hunzai, On my own behalf and on behalf my family I send our deepest condolences to the family, students, well-wishers of Dr. Allama Nasir. We mourn with you and celebrate the extraordinary life of this remarkable scholar, who devoted his life in teaching the esoteric approach of understanding our beautiful din Islam and take’s credit for producing many scholars.
    He will be remembered in general and people of Hunza in particular for centuries to come through his literature, poems, devotional books and munajats.

    May his soul be rested in eternal peace and get the highest rank in Jannah (amen).

    Aziz Hayat Hunzai
    Manager, Energy & Sustainability
    Laurentian University,
    Sudbury, Canada


  5. Thanks! passing away of great Allamah Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai is apparently very sad but this is completion of a great era of knowledge & wisdom!This is an agreed principle that Any treasure in this world is never open for all public.precious things are supposed to be guarded similarly this great miracle & treasure from hunza was supposed to be in veils.40 years ago when first time i see him i had heard too many rumors about him but there was nothing like these rumors existed.All his services & sacrifices are for our beloved imam-i-zaman.In 1978/79 i had a chance to go through all his office records & files.That time he was retired from Tariqah board & on his great visit to canada Jamat.I was really amazed that in all the holy letters from Moulana Hazir imam,our beloved imam always not only blessed him with his pleasure & blessings but also with his personal handwriting appreciating Allamah Saheb.people think differently but moulana hazir imam always has reconised him & most of our is not aware of this1961 Talika/Farman that his poems were blessed with the title of Ginan.In our family Mehmani at Garden jamatkhan we presented our beloved imam allama saheb book”flowers of paradise” & one of his fresh urdu poem.Moulana Hazir imam graciously accepted & blessed us with additional blessings with immense happiness.Shukran lillah wal hamdulillah!!! DR.Rafiq ALI


  6. thank you for the detailed post. indeed it’s a big loss not only for ismailis but other religions who have close connection to Burushaski and mystic meanings of islam.


  7. We will miss you but you will remain live in our harts, on our tounge for many many years to come. We thank you for your contributions to the Jamat of Hunza.
    May your soul in eternal peace(amen)

    Aziz A Hunzai
    Sudbury Canada


  8. I rewrite the above quotation which is a reality and in tandem with Islamic injunction,” the learned continue to live after death, while the ignorant are dead while living”. His copious literary work, soulful Sufi poetry in Urdu and Persian are matchless and that from the person who has not attended any university!!. Though I do not understand Brushsaki but I listen to his Qasidas/Ginans in that language which are quite rhythmical. His books are much must read for our Youth, which are downloadable from internet. I am surprised most of our youth are intellectually very poor especially when it comes to religious knowledge or myopic without going through treasure of literary work expound wrong notion, which his son alluded to and somehow clarified at his funeral occasion. We live in a knowledge society and era where good work are not appreciated and spread. I am found of his Persian work and try to search its contents on net and will try to go through as many of his books I could. I am hopeful he has already his palace in Hereafter as one Hadhith testifies this, “ink of a scholar is more holier than the blood of a martyr”. Only one misperception dented their holy effort when they were labeled as sort of cult by their religious practice which was not what it appeared to be.
    Abdul Ali
    Accountant/Business Teacher
    Pakistan International School, Doha, Qatar


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