Ismaili Centre, Toronto profiled as “Project of the Day” by Architizer

Dec 2, 2016: Ismaili Centre, Toronto profiled as "Project of the Day" by Architizer (image credit: Architizer)

The Ismaili Centre uniquely responds to established Islamic building traditions, while incorporating contemporary architectural form, materiality and construction methods. The architectural language distinguishes a community that is both informed by its past and modern in its outlook, inviting peaceful faith and contemplation, intellectual discovery and public outreach.

The centerpiece of the project is the prayer hall, whose crystalline glass roof creates ever-changing interior lighting conditions. During the day, as sunlight is filtered and diffused through the translucent glass, the serene prayer hall inspires users to physically and spiritually connect with both the sky above and the ground below. At night, the glass roof glows like a beacon in the dark sky, rising elegantly above the surrounding landscape.

Discover, Explore and Learn more by reading the complete profile and preview a full gallery of pictures at  Architizer | Projects | Ismaili Centre


Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali


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