Tajikistan Honours Jubilee Games Dubai Athletes

Tajikistan Honours Jubilee Games Dubai Athletes August 15, 2016, Khorog, Tajikistan: A welcoming ceremony was held here to award participants and winners of the Jubilee Games Dubai 2016. Jubilee Games took place in July in Dubai. 192 athletes from different regions of Tajikistan participated in this event. In general, the game was attended by 2000 athletes from 28 countries.

Tajik national team took the third place in the total number of medals won, participating in 9 of the 15 sports. The first and second places were taken by teams of Canada and Pakistan.

Tajikistan Honours Jubilee Games Dubai Athletes Welcoming the participants of the Jubilee Games at the recreation park of Khorog, the chairman of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region Shodihon Jamshed expressed his admiration for the fact that the Tajik team was able to win 26 medals, including 10 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze.

“10 times on these games was raised the flag and sounded the anthem of our country in honor of winners, that is an invaluable contribution of our athletes to increase the prestige of our motherland in the eyes of the world community. Also, exhibitions and various cultural events, organized by our creative team, played a big role,”- said the head of the region.

Tajikistan Honours Jubilee Games Dubai Athletes Talking about the positive results of the Tajik government’s cooperation with the Aga Khan Foundation structures in the socio-economic and cultural development areas, the head of the region emphasized the role of these games in unity, brotherhood and mutual understanding in our society.

“The aim of the Jubilee Games, above all, was a strengthening of friendship, unity and tolerance,” – said Sh. Dzhamshed.

Tajikistan Honours Jubilee Games Dubai Athletes Congratulating and thanking the participants and winners of the Jubilee games, the leadership of GBAO and Khorog city awarded them with certificates and cash prizes on behalf of Hukumat GBAO and Khorog.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Regional Council Highness Prince Aga Khan for GBAO Dilovar Butabekov thanked GBAO authorities for their assistance and facilitating the participation of athletes, volunteers and the creative team of the country in the Jubilee sports games.

Source: Shonavruz Afzalshoev | Asia Plus




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  1. Tajikistan followed Kenya – Great. Wish other Nations will take a cue from this (excuse me for saying) Ismaili Olympics achievements and honors being showered, by none other but the Presidents.


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