Hunza Marathon for youth

Hunza MarathonPakistan Youth Outreach & Z Adventures present the first official marathon in Northern Pakistan on Saturday, July 9, 2016 in Karimabad, Hunza. The organizers aim to encourage the youth to participate in this event, which will be graced with the presence of world renowned marathoner Ziyad Rahim (, a super-fit athlete of Pakistani origin, who has achieved ten Guinness World Records in marathons and ultra marathons.

Although open to all ages, the Hunza Marathon encourages the youth to participate and cultivate an interest in long-distance running, and demonstrate the marathon spirit by running with athletes from around the world.

“We hope that, in the future, these young athletes will develop a habit of long-distance running and go on to compete in races of greater distances. Pakistan Youth Outreach continues to encourage the growth and development of the Hunza Marathon.”

Samina Baig, President of Pakistan Youth Outreach

HunzaSamina is the first Pakistani female to summit Mt. Everest, which she accomplished in 2013 with her brother Mirza Ali, who is a professional mountaineer, public speaker, film maker, and a promoter of outdoor activities in the Hunza region. The brother-sister team vanquished the seven highest mountains in the seven continents in 2014.

“We hope to create awareness and open up avenues for inclusion by making people run together despite their differences.”

Mirza Ali, Chairman Pakistan Youth Outreach

About Pakistan Youth Outreach (PYO)
PYO is a non-profit organization established by the youth for the youth of Pakistan. We encourage young men and women to undertake adventures and learn to excel in challenging situations. Our goal is to promote unity, to share diversity and pluralism, and to encourage the youth to engage in outdoor activities and work in teams. We also aim to empower and promote gender equity by providing young women and men the opportunity to engage in winter sports and share their knowledge and experiences. Our pioneering initiative the PYO Winter Games is an example of our commitment to the promotion of outdoor sports among the young generation. 

Register for the marathon at HUNZA MARATHON
Phone: +923139992210



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