Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Minister of Education and Senior Academics Applaud University of Central Asia’s Ambitious Approach to Higher Education

His Excellency Premier Temir Sariev addressing 60 rectors and school directors from across the Kyrgyz Republic at the University of Central Asia. Photographer: Iskender Ermekov

March 11, 2016: During a visit to the University of Central Asia’s campus on 4 March 2016, His Excellency Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Temir Sariev called Naryn “a place to watch” and praised UCA’s decision to invest to establish a world class university in the mountain region of Naryn.

“Here we have UCA, which is building a world class, fully-residential campus, capitalising on the beauty of the region and offering high quality education. It is breaking the stereotypical view of mountain communities as remote and disconnected by transforming Naryn into a centre of excellence and innovation. The Government is a proud Founder State of this visionary and ambitious endeavour,” said the Premier.

His remarks were delivered at a higher education forum attended by 60 rectors of the country’s leading universities and directors of secondary schools, organised by the Ministry of Education and Science as part of a visit to UCA’s Naryn campus.

[…] Earlier in the day, Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Executive Chairman of the UCA Board Executive Committee and Diplomatic Representative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and Dr Bohdan Krawchenko, Director General and Dean of Graduate Studies, received the group and conducted the campus tour.

“The University of Central Asia is excited to join the community of educators in the Kyrgyz Republic dedicated to engaging with issues of quality and access to higher education,” said Kassim-Lakha. “We are privileged to share our efforts at UCA with these distinguished academic leaders and look forward to learning from the breadth of their experience and perspective.”

Source: University of Central Asia NewsPhotographs

Author: ismailimail

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