In Honor of International Women’s Day (March 8) – 12 Inspiring Ismaili Women

March 8, 2016 – A. Maherali for Ismailimail: It is said that to measure a nation’s or community’s progress one needs to look how material and moral investments are made to empower women and youths.

For empowering and educating women leads to empowering whole families, communities and nations, and empowering and educating youths secures the successful trajectory of tomorrow’s leaders, since youths are leaders of tomorrow.

It is with this sentiment that we pay tribute to all women with a selection of our inspiring Ismaili women, who represent thousands more, all of them providing a source of strength and wisdom – an example in practice of what is possible … role models for all of us.

In Honor of International Women's Day (March 8) - 12 Inspiring Ismaili Women
Top (L-R): Almas Jiwani, Nurjehan Mawani, Mobina Jaffer, Samina Baig, Sabrina Premji, Yasmin Ratanshi.
Bottom (L-R): Farida Virani, Anar Simpson, Alyna Nanji, Salima Visram, Farah Mohamed, Karima Velji.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, we also share a set of compelling tweets from around the world

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