Tomb of Khaki Khorasani, Dizbad, Iran

Tomb of Khaki Khorasani, Dizbad, Iran
Tomb stone of Khaki Khorasani and Syed Sulieman Hussaini Badkhashani, Dizbad, Iran. Hussein Charania

Khaki Khurasani (d. after 1056 AH / 1646 CE)

By Sayyad Jalal Badakhchani

Khaki Khurasani, Imamquli, Isma‘ili poet and preacher of 17th-century Persia (b. Dizbad; d. Dizbad, after 1056 AH / 1646 CE). He was born in Dizbad, a village in the hills half way between Mashhad and Nishapur, which at the time was the largest dwelling place of the Isma‘ilis of northern Khurasan.

Little is known about his life and education but, judging from his poems, he was a talented poet and well versed in Islamic religious sciences. It appears that a visit to Dizbad by the thirty-sixth Isma‘ili Imam, Murad Mirza (d. 981/1574), left a lasting impression on the youthful Khaki, prompting him to devote his entire life to the preaching of the Isma‘ili faith.

Read here at Institute of Ismaili Studies (PDF)

Image: Hussein Charania

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