Henrique Mendonça Palace may be the future Global Headquarters of Aga Khan | Espresso (Portugal)

The current New Business School’s headquarters is up for sale and has interested various stakeholders, including the Prince Aga Khan

Henrique Mendonça Palace may be the future Global Headquarters of Aga Khan | Espresso (Portugal)By Marisa Antunes for Espresso – December 12 2015 – Translated via Google: Prince Aga Khan is considering the purchase of the building which houses the current headquarters of the New School of Business & Economics (SBE), the secular palace Henrique Mendonça. The building is up for sale in a very exclusive neighborhood restricted to institutional circuit and has attracted several interested parties, including hotel chains, embassies and also the spiritual leader of the Ismaili community, reports Expreso from its real estate market sources.

The mansion won the Valmor Prize in 1909 and is part of a panoramic green area of ​​three hectares in the heart of Lisbon, in the Border Marquis Street, and could host the official residence of Prince Aga Khan and the world headquarters of the Ismaili community, which in Portugal accounts for about 10,000 residents (worldwide about 15 million).

Source: Espresso Sapo (Portugal)

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  1. i will not be alive when this change takes place but i can say with certainty that this will be insha allah the beginning of new era an era that was forecast by the 48th Imam as the future Imam of an atomic age,the next era will be very very hard to forecast. technologically over the past 50 years the pace of development has changed at quantum speed and that pace is going to change at an speed that is hard to visualize and the role that the ismailis will play will be important from international perspectives and the house of Imamat will play a very very significant role in shiping the future for the community and the world geo politics insha allah.


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