Zahra N. Jamal: Living the Faith: Religion and Spirituality in Everyday American Life

Zahra N. Jamal: Living the Faith: Religion and Spirituality in Everyday American LifeWhile the media typically covers religious conflict, the overwhelming majority of faith adherents draws on religion to promote community and peace in the global village. Religion is shaped by, and in turn shapes, those who “live the faith” in their daily lives. This course will uncover the worldviews, beliefs and practices of the three Abrahamic religious traditions in modern American life: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Anthropologist and religious scholar Zahra N. Jamal, Ph.D., will guide participants in examining the ways in which these faiths express everyday spirituality through worship and prayer, food and hunger, illness and wellness, religious objects, and acts of social justice. Through a combination of lecture and discussion, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the commonalities and unique aspects of these religious traditions and the diverse ways people of Abrahamic and other faiths experience spirituality in their daily lives. Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D., will join Dr. Jamal for the discussion of illness, wellness and religion.

Source: Glasscock School of Continuing Education

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