Steering Committee for Aga Khan Award for Architecture’s 13th Cycle Announced

Geneva, 16 October, 2015 – The Aga Khan Award for Architecture today announced the members of the Steering Committee for the Thirteenth Award Cycle (2014 – 2016).

Established in 1977, the Award is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historic preservation and landscape architecture.

2013 Aga Khan Award for Architecture ceremony

The Steering Committee is the governing body of the Award. It is responsible for establishing the eligibility criteria for project nominations, providing thematic direction to the Award, and developing plans for its cyclical and long-term future. For each Award cycle, the Steering Committee appoints an independent Master Jury to select the award recipients from the nominated projects.

The Award seeks projects that represent the broadest possible range of architectural interventions, with particular attention given to building schemes that use local resources and appropriate technology in innovative ways, and those that are likely to inspire similar efforts elsewhere. Projects can be anywhere in the world, but must successfully address the needs and aspirations of societies in which Muslims have a significant presence.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture has a prize fund of US$ 1 million. The rigor of its nomination and selection process has made it, in the eyes of many observers, one of the world’s most influential architectural prizes.

The Steering Committee is chaired by His Highness the Aga Khan. The other members of the Steering Committee are: David Adjaye, Principal, Adjaye Associates, London; Mohammad al-Asad, Chairman, CSBE, Amman; Francesco Bandarin, Professor, Università Iuav di Venezia, Venice; Hanif Kara, Professor, Design Director and Co-Founder, AKTII, London; Kamil Merican, Principal Designer and CEO, GDP Architects, Kuala Lumpur; Azim Nanji, Special Advisor, Aga Khan University, Nairobi; Gülru Necipoğlu, Director, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University, Cambridge; Brigitte Shim, Partner, Shim-Sutcliffe Architects, Toronto; and Yu Kongjian, Founder and Dean, Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University, Beijing. Farrokh Derakhshani is the Director of the Award.

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