“I wish we had 100 more like him” – Nadir Jamal passed away

"I wish we had 100 more like him" - Nadir Jamal passed awayBrechin residents are mourning the loss of a favourite son. Retired pharmacist Nadir Jamal passed away April 10 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in December. He was 64.

Ramara Township Mayor Basil Clarke said Jamal became an important community builder and was loved by many residents after moving to the village in 1978. “I wish we had 100 more like him,” Clarke said. “He was one of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever come to know.” Jamal ran the village’s pharmacy for 37 years after emigrating from England. He sold the independent pharmacy in June, just months before being diagnosed with the inoperable disease.

“He moved here in 1978 and thought it was a wonderful town,” Clarke said. “He always believed in Brechin and the local community.”

More http://www.orilliapacket.com/2015/04/17/nadir-jamal-passed-away-april-10


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