The AKDN’s most valuable resource …

With about 80,000 employees across 30 countries – the majority of whom are based in poor areas of Asia, Africa and the Middle East – the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)’s most valuable resource is its employees.

Given its large global workforce and the diversity of its non-profit institutions and project companies (which operate on commercial models), AKDN has a unique opportunity to reach a large number of employees, their families and immediate communities through its Workplace Wellness Programme.

The AKDN Workplace Wellness Programme is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices – physical, psychosocial and financial – in an environment that enhances employee well-being and productivity.

The AKDN most valuable resource is its employees.
Photo credits: AKDN / Lucas Moura

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is a group of private development agencies working to empower communities and individuals, often in disadvantaged circumstances, to improve living conditions and opportunities, especially in Africa and Asia. Its agencies work in over 30 countries for the common good of all citizens, regardless of their gender, origin or religion. Its underlying impulse is the ethic of compassion for the vulnerable in society.

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The Network is a family of institutions sustained by the Imamat and the Ismaili community to realise the social conscience of Islam through institutional action. The agencies of the Network have distinct but complementary mandates with respect to economic development, social development, and the enhancement of culture. They work in countries where Ismailis reside, addressing problems experienced by citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity or religion.

His Highness The Aga Khan

Centro Ismaili Opening Ceremony, Lisbon, Portugal  – 11 July, 1998.

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