PBS. Org: Uganda: The Return, by Omar Sachedina

Uganda: The Return, by Omar SachedinaI was always fascinated by the Indian traditions my family has preserved, even though my parents — and grandparents — have never visited India. They were born in Uganda. On family vacations to Mexico or Hawaii, they’d make casual references to their African homeland. My mom and dad recalled the mango trees that grew in their backyards, the intense afternoon sun and lush scenery. But no matter how hard I pressed for more information, they were always slightly reticent.

In 1972, my parents were expelled from Uganda by the notorious dictator Idi Amin, along with about 60,000 other Asians who called the East African country home. My great-grandparents had emigrated to Africa from India in the late 1800s, part of a wave of people who were seeking their fortunes elsewhere.

via FRONTLINE/WORLD . Rough Cut . Uganda: The Return | PBS.

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2 thoughts

  1. So true, we always make reference to India as our tradition but, Uganda was our country of birth and we continued our wonderful Indian tradition in Uganda. Shame, it was all lost in Amin fiasco… new Uganda I don’t think will ever get those wonderful close type communities we had prior to Amin. Life is so called modern now….


  2. I quite agree with Dr.Somani. With people from all parts of the world moving to Uganda more and more reference is made to India. That classic Ugandan is no more!!!


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