“Hajj” (Original) – By Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani

"Hajj" (Original) - By Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak NooraniHajj, the final song by the 5Pillars team, is finally here! As stated in previous blog posts, Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani, and Mehak Noorani created “5Pillars” as a devotion to their love for God. They wanted to portray an emotional journey, “one filled with spiritual power”, Panjwani said. This song discusses the pilgrimage to holy city of Makkah that all able Muslims are obligated to make at one point in their lifetime.

“In this track, we have strived to capture the dizzy and hypnotic feeling that many Muslims experience on this spiritual and life changing journey.”

We hope that you are inspired by the lyrics, the music, and especially the video in a way that causes you to appreciate the important rituals of Islam on a more profound level as much as we now do.

Composed by: Aly Panjwani, Sarosh Mawani
Produced by: Sarosh Mawani
Vocalists: Aly Panjwani, Mehak Noorani, Ayaz Ismail
Guitar: Moez Sayani
Lyrics: Nazia Hamid, Aly Panjwani, Mehak Noorani
Mixing/Mastering: Sarosh Mawani

Music Video-
Directed by: Kenton Scott, Matt Mozingo, Sarosh Mawani, Troy Bonneau
Shot by: Sarosh Mawani, Matt Mozingo, Kenton Scott
Edited by: Sarosh Mawani



Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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