Sabrina Lakhani: Time and Knowledge Nazrana- A Quest Through the Seven Valleys

Time and Knowledge Nazrana: A Quest Through the Seven Valleys | SojournThis post discusses the fulfillment of my Time and Knowledge Nazrana, but it is a very different kind of post. Here, you will not find the details of my TKN assignment, the numbers of hours I clocked, how I went about working in a new setting, or the resulting impact of my work. Instead, you will find the inner quest of a young, American-born Ismaili woman who was granted the gift of self-transformation.

My hope is to contribute towards a deeper understanding of TKN – that it is not simply about ‘giving back’, but rather, it is a call, an invitation (da’wah) to an inner quest of spiritual expansion and purification.

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Author: ismailimail

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