An exhibition of Photographer Noor Ali Rashid in Switzerland

An exhibition of Photographer Noor Ali Rashid in SwitzerlandIt is a beautiful morning in the Swiss resort of Lausanne and a head of state steps out purposefully into the sunshine.

Sheikh Zayed made several visits to the town and the surrounding countryside, often accompanied by his children. On this occasion, as with many others, he was accompanied by the official royal photographer, Noor Ali Rashid, who died almost a year ago, aged 80.

An exhibition of Rashid’s work, organised by the Emirati-Swiss Friendship Forum, has opened at Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, celebrating the connection between the two nations. The show, which runs until July 15, includes this photograph, which is undated, but may have been taken in 1979, when the official record shows that Sheikh Zayed made a private visit to the town, meeting with King Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

via Time Frame: Sheikh Zayed’s visit to Switzerland – The National.

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  1. May Mowla grant him place in heaven .
    I have known Noorali since the first day I landed in Dubai in the hot days of June, 1969 when Dubai was a small growing town and there was only one metallic tar road between Dubai & Sharjah and the only Skyscraper.was the prestigous Sh Rashid Al Maktoom Building on Sh Maktoom Road in Diera Dubai which was my residence. He was a Mukhi of JK at that time, which was held in a small room upstair in building across BBME Bank in Par Dubai and community consisted of about 50 people including 4 or 5 family and every Friday after JK we used to gather at our house for Dinner and other activities, only other social activities available to go to movies in open air cinema and sweating one self or go to British Consulate OR RAF base in Sharjah to see English & American Movies or go at night to Beaches or have hot strong tea at Pathan tea hut across now Dubai International Airport sitting on sand dunes enjoying evening Desert cool breezel He was a joylly go friend & company


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