Nadia Hasham, Farzana Mussa, report on internships at Diamond Trust Bank

Nadia Hasham intern at Diamond Trust BankWhile I was born and raised in Toronto, Kenya was home to both my parents during their childhood. I have just begun my final year of Honours International Development with a Minor in Middle East Studies at McGill. My interests lie primarily in areas of International and Islamic Law, International Relations, and International Trade. As such, my internship at Diamond Trust Bank Tanzania allowed me to experience the International Banking division of a major financial institution in East Africa. It also enabled me to understand the contributions of the private sector and of entrepreneurship to the economy of a developing country. My interest in this aspect of development became the topic of my internship paper from an economic anthropology perspective, for which I will be receiving credit under the supervision of Professor Carol Berger of the Anthropology Department. [ More ]

Farzana Mussa intern at Diamond Trust BankMy name is Farzana Mussa and over this past summer I was fortunate enough to travel to Nairobi, Kenya to undertake an Internship with Diamond Trust Bank (DTB). I’m currently entering my fourth year of study in the Bachelor of Arts program with a Major concentration in Economics and two minor concentrations in Management and Environmental Sciences. In addition to my academic life, I live a vibrant and fast paced extra-curricular life. For the past three years I have been a member of the McGill Residences Floor Fellow community. In addition, I am currently running the Logistics team for the upcoming Desautel Business Sustainability Conference. Lastly, I am very involved in my religious community as I have been President of the Ismaili Religious and Education Board and am currently a member of the Economic Planning Board under the Montreal Ismaili Council. In my spare time (when I find it, that is!), I enjoy playing ball hockey and singing with my local choir. [ More ]
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