Sheherazade Hirji receives 2009 HOPE Award

Sheherazade-Hirji-Hope-galaBy Julie White on August 3, 2009

I am excited to report that Sheherazade received the North York Women’s Shelter 25th Anniversary Hope Award at its annual Mother’s Day Hope Gala. The Hope Award recognizes extraordinary women who have led the way in inspiring others to take action. Sheherazade was presented with the award for her outstanding commitment to advancing the cause of women and girls, a cause that runs deep in her family as this excerpt from her acceptance will attest: “My grandmothers were pioneers who, in their 20’s, left India in the early 1900’s to follow their entrepreneurial husbands who had settled in Africa. They broke every known assumption or stereotype I have ever heard about the role of Muslim women. They adapted to their new environment with energy, fought snakes and lions, helped to establish new settlements, lived their lives out loud, and advocated vigorously for their daughters and for those less fortunate in their communities so their families could have a better quality of life in their new homes. They understood the very fundamental truth of the interdependence of individual, families and communities.”

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Hope Gala: A night of Joyful Festivities
About Sheherazade:

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