Navroz Mubarak Song by Zahira Dhalwani


Zahira Dhalwani, from Ottawa, has just composed a Navroz Mubarak song (a song of Hope and New Beginnings) for all to listen to and share with family and friends. (Lyrics/music composition, vocals and recording by Zahira).

She has also released a Canadian Golden Jubilee CD called Shukriya whose tracks 1 (Shukriya) and 3 (Aavechhe Mawla Maara) were included in Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Golden Jubilee Visit to Ottawa Arrival video (available for viewing at The 7 tracks on Shukriya were also composed, sung and recorded by her.   Shukriya is available at all Canadian Jamati Literature Counters.

Zahira has had the opportunity to perform on various Golden Jubilee shows:

  • Umeed-e-Deedar in Toronto
  • Sonehri Shaam in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto
  • Izhaar-e-Aquidat in Ottawa

Zahira is inspired by a number of musicians, however, A.R.Rahman tops her list.

Song Navroz Mubarak

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Author: ismailimail

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44 thoughts

  1. Navroz Mubarak

    On this happy and auspicious occasion of Idd -E- Navroz, we would like to extend our warm wishes to you and your family. We pray that May Mowlana Hazar imam fulfill all your good wishes , grant you and your family peace, prosperity, health, wealth, happiness, immense barakat, imanji salamati, unity within the family and community, spiritual enlightenment and success in all your endeavours.



  2. Very Nice song Zahira and we really enjoyed it. Lovely voice as well. Navroz Mubarak to you.


  3. Happy Navaroz Mubarak to you and I wish you that this new year would bring you joy and happiness and have sucess, Iman ji salamati,”AMEEN”. I wish all the best…


  4. zahira…very good song …i have heard your cd too …keep it up..regads to your dad shiraz dhalwani..from turu…


  5. This is great Zahira. I first heard her in Toronto and was amazed at such a voice. Hope to hear more of Zahira in the near future. It is important to keep encouraging our youth to prosper and make a difference.

    Excellent Zahira!



  6. Very proud of you Zahira. Keep inspiring us all! Allah has given you a talent and great that you are sharing it with all. Keep up.

    Rozmina Jessa Nathu


  7. Amazing Zahira, yu have such a lovely voice, really it is heart touching and inspiring. May Moulana Hazir Imam bless you.

    Yasmin Karim
    Hunza Pakistan


  8. What can i really say. You know that very well that how much i enjoy listening to your amazing voice. You are indeed very blessed with this gift. I am very honoured to be in the same singing group as you May you always be blessed.


    1. Whoa! Another great Hit! I am a fan of yours from your
      Shukria G.J. CD. We were able to choreograph a Garbo
      from that!
      Pls compose more Dandia/Garba Songs and I would
      love to get all your CD recordings.


  9. Navroz Mubarak,

    May the Barkat and Rehmat of Hazar Imam remains on every one on these day and may imam bless every one.


  10. Navroz mubarak and congratulations Zahira. Its rare to see a female music composer and writer and singer all in one!! Keep singing and inspiring us. Look forward to hearing more from you and seeing more of your performances.


  11. What a beautiful composition of Navroz, excellent Job, very inspiring and refreshing! May Mowla give you immense barakah, and rehmat to contribute through your passion of music to the world. Keep up the great work!


  12. Really nice.. :)) Lovely track and Lovely voice..
    May you get all the happiness. ameen
    May moula bless you with lots of barkat with each and every grain of rozii you have received this morning.. Navroz Mubarak to you and your family

    here is my version of Navroz Mubarak..

    Sheryar Nizar



    Wishing you and your family a very happy
    “Navroz Mubarak”.
    May this day bring lots of success and happiness in your life and pray
    for choicest blessings on you and your family
    and provides the strength, courage and wisdom to meet our
    Objectives for this year and ahead.

    May all the darkness disappear,
    May your life be enlightened as the glowing
    Sun and blossom like the spring
    May the festival of
    Navroz bring abundant growth in your worldly life
    Manifestation of Divine Light in your Spiritual life



  14. Zahira this is beautiful and you were outstanding at the MK Conference. Navroz mubarak and we hope to seeing you out west soon!


  15. Dear Zahira,

    I just heard your beautiful new song. I would love to obtain the lyrics and music lead sheet for the World Children’s Choir to sing in its 20th Annual Spring Concert. The choir is based in the Washington, DC area. If desired, you can read about the choir and watch videos on the website:

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Sondra Harnes
    Founder/Artistic Director
    (703) 883-0920


  16. happy novroz mubarak to all my ismaili friends,brothers,sisters and all
    Garden East Karachi


    1. YAM Zahira

      Your music and lyrics take my breath away. As always, you have outdone yourself again. May Mowla always give you strengh to touch peoples’ heart the way you do.


  17. We want to thank Zahira for sharing her wonderful Navraz song. We used the music — and some of the English lyrics — in our Navruz video greeting card that we sent out this morning. Everyone loves this song and we have already had 181 views and many kind letters from people who found it very inspiring.


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