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One of our fondest memories in Pakistan was our home-stay with a kind family from Aliabad, in the Hunza Valley.

We had originally planned on taking a bus from Gilgit to Karimabad and bought our tickets for that trip. As usual, the bus was extremely packed and it was also close to Ramadan Ede so many locals were traveling home to celebrate.. On the bus we met a Somara, a gemology professor, who once taught in Italy and has an uncle living in Canada. Well, that kicked things off nicely and we shared many stories with each other.
After dropping off our luggage, we toured around their neighbourhood, meeting some relatives and checking out the Ismaili prayer hall where both men and women attend together.

X Marks the Sweet Spot
Hunza Desserts: X Marks the Sweet Spot

We then enjoyed a delicious dinner consisting of a massive chicken and potato curry, salad made with vegetables from their garden, and of course chapati. We topped off the meal with fresh apples and pears from their garden.

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