First Debut Album Launched by Ottawa Siblings

Danyal Rawjani 15 and Saba Rawjani 11 both featured earlier on this website have launched their first debut Album in Ottawa Ontario. The launch took place at the Canadian Museum of Civilization Theater at the DIL (Development In Literacy) Gala on Friday October 17th 2008.

Their Album is comprises of Sufi Music, Oldies Indian, Soft music, Patriotic song and Classical Raag. In this Album all the original music was recomposed by Danyal and Sung by Saba as a lead vocal and Danyal as a chorus. They recorded this Album as their summer activity at the Trend Music of Ottawa.

The event was attended by a large number of community members and DIL’s Supporters including High Commissioner of Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Musa Javed Chohan, Attorney General of Ontario Honorable Chris Bently, President of Canadian Pakistani Association Javed Soomro and other media and community leaders.

Danyal and Saba performed the opening number of the event “Lal meri pat” from their album with Inderpal Bal on Dhol. They also raised over one thousand dollars for the cause of DIL and presented the funds to the organization in the event. They also donated the proceeds from their Album to the organization to overcome the problem of Illiteracy among the girls in Pakistan.

The Honorable Attorney General of Ontario Chris Bently applauded their efforts to support DIL and defined them as a role model among the youth of our society. During the show both siblings sold their autographed albums to attendees.

Performers from Thai Dance group, Irish Dance group, Upasna Dance School and Music group “Dehli to Dublin” were also the featured performers of the event.

Preview Song: Allah hoo

Contact: if you wish to acquire the CD.

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

56 thoughts

  1. Dear Ottawa siblings :)

    I just saw the cover of your album and loved the dedication part… you have done this for an excellent cause. You people must have enjoyed the entire experience! Love you both for what you’ve done…

    keep it rolling, all the best wishes and support from our side will always be there for you :)

    take care


  2. Congrats to both parents as well to saba and Danyal. My humble request is to continue praticing. I HONESTLY see a very bright future for both of you. Congrats again.


  3. wow !! congratulations to Saba and Danyal, good choice of songs!Keep up the good work and looking forward to hear more in the future.
    Now being a sound technician here is my recommendation, Saba’s voice was a little heavy/ base,,more treble was required and some reverb and delays. Keyboard should have been more clear and louder when there were no vocals; may be it was the recording. Hey guys I hope you don’t feel discouraged with my comments but it’s a learning process and we all learn everyday even me.Overall you guys did an excellent job and I hope I can help you in the future.


  4. Congratulations Saba and Danyal for recording a superb album. Saba, I love the alaap you took in your first song ‘Allah Hu.’ Your voice quality, sound and sense of professionalism has grown immensely from the time you and Danyal did your first show, Sur and Sangeet. I also really enjoyed your re-mix of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ Keep up the excellent work. Danyal, if I didn’t know that it was you who played the keyboard on the album, I would have though it was someone much older who was playing on a professional level. The notes from your keyboard and Saba’s voice were synchronized perfectly in the album-they rose and fell together. Mashallah. an extraordinary first album. I wish you the best of luck in this creative path that you are taking together.


  5. I listen the song attached to this post, outstanding performance. Very beautifully sung by Saba. A good composition. I can imagine how hard work you have put to get through this journey. I echo the words of Attorney General because you folks are beyond the world of Xbox and Nintendo. Keep it up and make your family and your jamat proud of you.

    All the best. I will sure get your album when I will visit Ottawa.


  6. Talat forwarded this link to me. I am delighted that you guys have such a talent and generosity in your heart. Your thoughts about DIL takes me 40 years back when I was a little child and had no money to study in a regular school. I believe at that time Allah was listening my prayers to have some kind of organization, which can promote the education in unfortunates.

    You conntribution in material and in kind both are generous. Your song Allah hoo is really reflects your personality that you both have fear of creator in your heart. I salute you and proud of you of being of Pakistani.

    Basit Islam Naqvi.
    Etobicoke Ontario.


  7. Hey Saba and Danyal,

    Congratulations on the release of the “Sur and Sangeet”… your first Album.

    This release and this awesome performance with such a kind heart and the generosity, you cannot see in everyone… Your generosity for the noble cause DIL (Development in Literacy) is invaluable.

    By listening to the songs, one can imagine how much hard work you guys must have done in order to achieve this stage…

    Saba, your voice is very nice. If I wasn’t biased before listening to the songs that It was sung by you, I could have easily thought of some experienced professional specially the song Pal pal har pal..

    Danyal, I had to ask Saba whose voice was with her and she said my Brother. I was pretty sure that keyboard player is Danyal But wasn’t sure about the male voice which was supporting till I asked Saba. Danyal you have given this whole Sur and Sangeet a new life. What a perfect synchronization and harmony in the voice and keyboard.

    Keep up the excellent and magnificent job The Ottawa Siblings.

    Last but not the least, Saba and Danyal, you both must be thankful for having such a nice, loving and caring parents, who are supporting you at this age in your choices.
    Who are encouraging you to participate in every activity which you wana be part of.
    You must be thankful for being Rawjani’s though I know them only for a small period of time but believe me that they are really great people to have in life.


    Allah Hoo:
    Perfect start for the first album name of Almighty Allah. Excellent.
    Pal Pal har Pal:
    What should I say, Saba you can beat the Original Singer Shreya Ghoshal.
    Tasweer Banata hoon:
    Mehfil main jab uthi:
    Raaga, raag bhopali
    Dil Dil Pakistan:
    Lal meri pat rakhio: great song.
    Mera Piya Ghar aya:
    Ghar aya mera pardesi:

    Perfect choice of songs and perfect Cover as well as perfect noble cause. May you achieve more success and may you both achieve your destinations in your life. Ameen.

    Hey if someone wants to buy the CD, Please do contact Amin Rawjani or Laila Rawjani and I am sure they will be happy to provide you.


  8. What Can I say, not only did you launch your CD at fund raiser for a noble cause, you gave the proceeds of the sales to it as well; I was so proud to be there and see you live. The quality of your delivery is phenomenal; It is not just hard work, how much you enjoy it shows and can be heard in your singing. You make an amazing team. I know you have a lot of promise for the future. Thanks for the CD.


  9. Excellent job by Saba and Danyal. Your dedication and commitment showed in your CD. Thank you for sharing this with me. I thorougly enjoyed the Raga and the Tasveer Banata Hoon and I must say that you had a good mix and they were all enjoyable.


  10. Laila & Amin, Bahot Bahot Mubaraki and thank you for sharing the CD with us. A very long time ago I had told you that you have a Lata Mangeshkar in the making. Saba from those early days you have come a long way.If you continue your commitment and practise you willI Insa-Allah achieve your goal. Danyal, you will play a very important role
    in your apajan’s life. She is the SUR and you are the SANGEET. Together
    the two of you will make the magic happen. Best of luck


  11. Kids you have done great job by singing Ustad Nusrat Fatehali’s own favourite, Alla hoo. I guess you were very little when he left this world. You are so young to keep his mission alive. I am a fan of him and love this devotional Qawwali. You made my day.


  12. Congratulations Saba and Danyal!!!! We are soooooooooooooo proud of you. Love u both…… Amina Aunty and Sikander Uncle.


  13. Excellent performance by Danyal and Saba. We were impressed with Saba’s beautiful voice and breath control. One of the strenghs of Saba is that she sings from her heart. Danyal provides wonderful music. May be he should give one solo item on harmonium in their next album.

    We wish them good luck.


  14. Dear Danyal and Saba,

    Congratulations on the release of your first CD – I’m sure there will be many more to come! I really enjoy listening to it.

    Aliyan Boodhwani


  15. Congratulations Saba & Danyal!
    Both of you have done a wonderful job & that also for a noble cause. All the songs are beautifully sung and the music is nice. My favourite is pal pal – – -. Wishing you both all the best. Keep it up!
    Congratulations to Laila and Aminbhai too!
    Salma Ismail & family.


  16. Dil Dil Pakistan, what a song and sung by you guys with such a devotion. My aunt brought your CD from DIL gala. In curiosity I was surfing the net with your name to know more about you kids and found this link. Junaid Jamshed would be very happy to listen this song that the seeds they cultivated in this song is still spreading over the world and among the youth of Pakistani origin.

    This song was produced by them in 1988 and after almost 20 years you have sung in a better tempo. Also the Lal meri pat is my all time favourite.

    Keep it up and keep loving the music.


  17. The grat achievement at this age. You guys have a way to go. The singer, I believe is 11 years old is very amazing for her voice, sounds like Abeda Perveen. I am proud that kids in our faith also has such a talent. Music composition/performing is very good. Nice notes and turns are used. I can understand your limitations but could add some tabla or dhol to it. Keep it up. Allah hoo my all time favourite.

    Nazzish Daftary
    Irandokht Music school-Tehran


  18. Wow! Saba and Danyal! Congrats on some wonderful work. The music is great. The kids favourite song and mine, is the first of course.
    Great job! Keep it up.


  19. Very nice CD, your CD was given to me by a friend in Missisauga. IT wa my birthday gift since I love music. Very good production and very nice effort at this age. Keep it up.


  20. Saba Buddy! & Danyal Buddy!

    I am glued to the song “Pal pal har pal”. When I hear your voice in this song I get all upbeat, in good mood and full of hope to start my day. Thank you for this soothing and inspirational CD.

    I also want to congratulate your parents Laila&Amin Rawjanis for their hard work in raising you to be well balanced and culturally oriented young adults.

    Take care
    P.S. Saba, thank you for your consistent YAM in JK. I look forward to it everytime. Khush Raho hamesha.


  21. Good day,

    Nice song sung by this girl. I never heard Allah hoo on keyboard but this young man has justified with the music for playing it with the keyboard.

    Keep this good job going. Sing more of Nusrat, Rahat and Abieda Parveen.


  22. I am a non ismaili but was introduced to this site by an ismaili friend from Atlanta, while browsing I cam across to this news item. I am shocked and surprise. Shocked that this little band of brother and sister have chosen a casue throught their music and voice. Surprise that a 11 years old can sing such well and a 15 years old can play with so much confidence and flaw less.

    Allhamdaulilah. Allah aap ko kush rakhe aur aap say aur naik kam karwaye.


  23. Congratulations are in order to you Saba and Danyal. This is truly a wonderful effort and equally wonderful contribution to a worthy cause. Keep it up and good luck. May Mowla bless you both.


  24. I am originally from Jalalabad Afghanistan and a big fan of Nusrat Fateh ali and Abida perveen. The song on this site is my favourite, this sufi poetry of Shams Tabrez is sung by so many singers but there is no match with Ustad Nusrat Fateh ali. You guys have done very nice and courageous try to adopt his style of singing and presenting such a good way for a good cause.

    May mowla bless you both. Count me as your fan.

    Mehvish Sahinzad.
    Quebec City QC


  25. I am lucky to have your CD. First of all thanks for sending CD to me. It is 10 days now, that I received your CD and you would not believe, this is the only CD in my car and I am proud to carry this with me all the time. I keep on replaying it and cannot think of even stopping them. My daughter Anooshae, 13, is crazy about your song “Allah hoo” and its music. She is highly anxious to meet both of you and I think that will happen soon. She cannot believe that she has distant cousins like you.We want to invite you to come to London, ON and share your voice, music, generous theme and love to our jamat.Keep it up and we pray for your success.


  26. Saba and Danyal….what talent….you are a hidden treasure!!!!.
    Saba your “Miti (sweet) awaz and Danyal, your music talent really “rocks”

    Thank you to Amin and Laila for inspiring them and sharing this amazing talent with us.

    The songs are amazing and a good choice….
    We are very proud of you both and good luck and we wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.


  27. Ya Ali Members, this is very excellent. Congratulations young ones. May Mowla guide you and shower his blessings upon you. Your success as youngsters is our pride.
    the songs are so great.


  28. I received a copy through a friend working at CHIN Radio. It is amazing. Your song selection is very pluralistic. I was not aware that you were performing at DIL Gala, which I missed first time ever since this Gala is happening. I am so thankful to you both helping the DIL it is a noble cause and it tells your belongings and values you have within. Keep nourisihing yourself in this Kala, respect your ustads and spread your knowledge and vision of charity. Your vocie will be heard by our youth then anybody else.

    I am impressed!


  29. Fantastic work saba and danyal. I am very impressed.I am proud of you guys. Very professionally song sung by saba. keep it up. thank you for sharing CD with us. keep it up and good luck.


  30. What else ismailies can do, they are in every walk of life, Science, Arts, Law, medicine and what not. This is my first experience to hear and enjoy the music of such a young ismaili talent. We can’t find a single example of it in our jamat world wide. I myself use to teach indian classical music in Uganda. I tried to bring our ismaili kids to learn indian classical music but I was failed or I couldn’t produce such a talent. Now I am 85 and can only listen and not sing any more.

    The Surs are perfect, music is very good and best part is that the words are delivered in very balance way. You are just 15 and 11, I am sure you siblings will be shining star in our community one day.

    May mowla bless you and make you doing more charity work. Bravo to those parents who are raising you. It proves that kid’s can’t go wrong if they are raised properly no matter in which part of the world.

    Ya ali madad,

    Badruddin Sachwani


  31. Dear Sbha and Daniel, it was nice listening your interview on CHIN radio last night. You both were very confident. Thank you for sharing your view and experience at this young age. I googled your names and reached here.

    You were very kind in thanking your ustads. I am looking forward to listen you this weekend.

    Thanks! to Hans for bringing this you talented duo on AIR.

    Allah Hafiz!


  32. Good interview kids! Luckily I tuned in and heard you guys are on AIR. I have heard you before in 2006. You are grown in age and talent both.

    May Allah keep you prosperous. Aameen, Suma Aameen.


  33. I have know Danyal and Saba for a very short time but when ever I use to visit their home to see Laila these two beautiful children use to rehearse and sing different old Hindi songs and one of my favourite one is Dama Dum Mast Kalandar.
    I am amazed at their talent and also very proud of them that in a such a short period of time they have come such a long way but it is due to their hard work and dedication and being a teacher no one knows that better then me that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it and both Saba and Danyal have accomplished that.I am very fortunate to have known them and my good luck and prayers are with them that they go very far in future.All the best Danyal and Saba and Keep up the good work.


  34. Good efforts and great cause! you kids are using a right medium to support literacy. I enjoyed your song and would love to listen more.


  35. I saw this link before when you released your CD and I have to confess that I skiped it without noticing.

    Last Saturday I was in Ottawa with my friend to see ISAT program. Overall the program was OK but your’s and your brother’s performance was amazing! Bravo to you both.

    It was a good communication between you two and it was an amazing interaction with the audience that your voice and the rythm of music brought lots of people on dance floor.

    I wish you could have performed more.

    Good luck to you both you are for sure proud for Ottawa and true pride for your parents.


  36. Saba You Are An Amazing Singer…You will go far in life : ) and you look so pretty, and Danyal you have magical fingers when it comes to keyboard playing!




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