Volunteers (Shia Ismaili Muslim Community) invade Bridge City Texas to show kindness

For three weeks, Sharon Jarvis’ front yard looked nothing like the rest of Lee Street in Bridge City.

At the street’s end, the rustic wooden home surrounded by tall pines had no carpet, furniture or sheetrock piled in the grass.

Jarvis, a 58-year-old widow, had no family nearby, and she never believed she could tear out the muck-covered and water-logged furnishings.


On East Roundbunch Road, Ronny Fontenot worked alongside his 10-year-old grandson, Seth Hartman, along with a group from the Ismaili Community, a group of Shia Muslims from Beaumont and Nederland. The volunteer group had already finished work on one home when they began on Fontenot’s two story house, which had 4 feet of water inside.

“I did some work on it, what I could,” said Fontenot, a 56-year-old human resources representative for the Sartomer chemical company. “These people coming in helped a lot. I really appreciate them helping us.”

Anil Panjvani, a 40-year-old convenience store owner from Jasper, dumped a wheelbarrow of debris in the front yard before removing his mask to take a break.

“It’s all physical work. Most of us have never done this before,” he said, pointing out most of the men and women working there owned businesses. “But we can do anything.”

Complete at the source.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

One thought

  1. What an example of unity, brotherhood, generosity and helping the needy.Also humility in success, as shown by Ismailis who own businesses but can claim that they could do whatever it takes to help people who need it.


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