Almas Jiwani honoured for dedication to humanitarian work

September 30, 2008 09:29 AM – It was in 1979 when Almas Dhrolia-Jiwani immigrated to Canada from what was then Zaire and is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although in her teens, she soon became heavily involved in volunteer service.

Fast forward to today, and Dhrolia-Jiwani is being honoured with a Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. The award presentation takes place tomorrow in Toronto.

“We’ve been blessed with so much that the least we can do is share our time and knowledge to alleviate poverty and serve humanity,” said the Mississauga resident.

Among her extensive community service, Dhrolia-Jiwani assists newly-arrived Afghan refugees to settle in Canada. She has served as a director with the United Nations Development Fund for Women to empower women in developing countries.

“Ambition and motivation are at the core of success for everyone, but especially for women living in difficult circumstances in the developing world,” said Dhrolia-Jiwani. “If I can light the spark that gives them hope, courage and a will to make it, then I’ve succeeded.”

Dhrolia-Jiwani barely allows any time for herself. She dedicates her life to her family, her business, her community and volunteering with national and international organizations.

Dhrolia-Jiwani said she considers the award to be a great honor. It will help make her work even more worthwhile, she said.

“If I can be just a drop in the ocean to make a difference in this world, and to make life easier for the world’s poor, then I’m happy — very happy,” she said.

The Caring Canadian Award was created in 1996 by former Governor General Roméo LeBlanc. It is given to those who have served over a number of years and normally have not been recognized previously by a national or provincial honor.
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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

31 thoughts

  1. What a perfect timing!… Holy Eid and Golden Jubilee year…Heartfelt congretulations for well deserved humanitarian award. You are true inspiration and exemplary role model. In your interview with Global TV, you said “you want to be a drop in the ocean that helps alleviate poverty around the world” – many many of us think you are the “BIG WAVE” of dedication, sincerity and charisma. Many institution members will attest that we have had the opportunity of working with you for many many years. We have seen you work with enthusiasm, zeal and dedication – untiring in your efforts. We all are with you throuhgout, Almas.. Keep up with the paradigm.


  2. I was there when she got the award from the Governor Geneal of Canada. It was an honour and a pleasure to meet a woman who does not sit back and watches the world fall apart.


  3. Watching this elegant lady with radiant face walk in with other 13 recipients was an honor and true inspiration. She was the main limelight of the event. A real star!!. Bravo.

    Hope she will continue to shine and radiate the light in underprivileged’s world.


  4. Congratulations!. It not only takes hard work and dedication but also a deep sense of caring to try and make a difference with the less priviledged. Your work towards Humanitarian causes is truly inspiring. Keep it up!.


  5. Congratualtions, keep up the good work, I am very proud of you. You may remeber me but, I did recognized you right away. take care Mawla bless you!


  6. Our Dearest Almas..

    You have always been inspirational to many women around the world. You are the perfect role model and many of us try to emulate you with no success.. I am sure no one is surprised that you received such an honour. We are now keeping our fingers crossed and praying for your “order of Canada” award in a very near future. We, all your team members, request that you do not reject any more honors. Please accept them all and let the world know who you are. “THE REAL STAR” .. You always motivated and inspired us to serve the Imam and the Jamat. We love you and love everything about you and that’s the main reason, none of us refuse any duty you assign us at anytime anywhere. No wonder you are called the most charismatic trooper.. yes.. that’ what you are.. You are not our Jamat’s star but the world’s star.. Please never give up on your humanitarian work otherwise half of the world will weep loosing such a dedicated, tenacious and beautiful person’s love and support. Your team loves you forever.. you are the best


  7. It is a great pleasure to know about Almas Jiwani-the proactive person who dedicated to serve needy women around the world.


  8. Oh Almas,

    Sarah is right, you are our true star. You have inspired me, single mother of two, to go beyond what is neccessary to survive in this world and give back to our community. Your ambitious approach has paved the way for many young women in our community and we look to you as our shining star. Please continue the good work as the spotlight shines on you. We love you. As Tony the Tiger would say…”YOU’re GREAT”.


  9. Almas

    Your concerns and dedication towards women empowerment is particularly noteworthy. More than the sum of your efforts, your steadfast presence where concerns of disadvatanged and marginazlied people is discussed. You are available to brainstorm and take action when people are in trouble. your energy, enthusiasm and considerable business acumen make you catalyst for change. You offer incredible inspiration to many in the world.
    I would urge you to publish your speeches so that others can benefit from your thoughts. Hats off to you


  10. Dear Almas,

    Many, many congratulations for the award. Remeber we had met at AKU-IED this year.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lots of prayers,


  11. Congretulations for such an honor. It is empowering for women of South Asian background, like myself, to see other women of this background be recognized for their work, commitment and compassion in assisting our sisters around the world to rise up out of poverty with hope and dignity. This is a great success for you, your community, people of colour and our country. You may not realize, but you are really make a difference in lives of many. Our prayers that you continue to serve humanity which gives lots of hope to underpriviledged in all countries. You make the world smile. Thank you.. thank you… for everything you are and that you do for the world.


  12. Félicitations Almas! Je t’ai vu à l’oeuvre lors de plusieurs projets de grande envergure et tu le mérites amplement. Un privilège de te connaitre et d’avoir eu ces occasions de travailler avec toi. Remember the essential, to be one with God!


  13. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it. Well done for your continuous and much needed work.
    All the vesr y best
    Bola Olabisi
    CEO, Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network


  14. Dear Almas, Congratulations!

    There are very few people who are able to turn selfish desire into selfless desire and aspire to attain higher goals showing exceptional courage, ability and dedication.

    One form of expressing our immense admiration is assuring you of our unequivocal support. We all must remember that we come with nothing, and leave just the same and we should expect others to live with less than what we’re willing to live with

    Continue to shine :)


  15. Dear Almas,

    Mubaraki to you – this is absolutely wonderful. I know you have always maintained the motto or ‘Work No Words’ and shy away from recognition but you deserve this award as you are and will be a role model for our youth always. May Allah bless you and your family always.


  16. Whilst some of us do the best we can under the given circumstances and contribute as much as we possibly can which is the central theme of our religion, Islam. However, it is persons like you who carry the torch which eventually shines on the rest of us. keep up the good work.


  17. Heartiest felicitation. This is indeed praiseworthy. The fruits of

    self less service that you are extending without any distinctions.

    Remember the words of a great Leader ” It does not matter what you do for your achievements but it certainly counts what you do for others to achieve”.

    Keep on lighting as many candles as possible. Wish you GOD’s speed in all of your future endeavours and engagements.

    ” Tomorrow’s life is too late > Live today ”



  18. Congratulations Almas.

    You are a role model for all volunteers. This is on two counts:

    1. You remind us, that as Ismailis, it is not enough to just volunteer to Jamaati causes and institutions. Outreach work is also important and very much within the realm of seva.

    2. As a single self-employed mother, yours is a powerful example of what can be achoeved if one simply applies oneself. Everything is possible. There are no excuses for not having a rich balanced life — work, family and community service.

    Best wishes for the future.


  19. thanks alot for coming to uganda to empower women. thanks for the sinan talk show inspiration talk to empower the youth in uganda. i trully appreciate your need to eduate, inspire, motivate all of us.
    may the almighty grant you your heartfelt desires.
    keep it up we love you.


  20. Almas, it’s a joy to work with you. Congratulations on receiving this award – well deserved. Best wishes and long life, megwetch for everything, Mary


  21. We are so blessed to have Almas on our board of directors for UNIFEM. Through her determination and committment to our organization, she was able to convince The Honorable Helena Guergis, Minister of State for the Status of Women, to sign our petition for the Violence against Women campaign at our annual gala this fall. She is a kind spirit and an inspiration to all who have the honor of calling her a friend.
    I am blessed to count her as one of my personal friends too.

    Teresa Whitmore
    Canadian Committee for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)


  22. Following an introduction to Ms. Jiwani by Senator Mobina Jaffer, I was immediately struck by her enthusiasm, passion and commitment for the underprivileged in our global community.

    Ms. Jiwani is a person who rolls us her sleeves and gets the job done. She quickly captured the vision of BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group, and recognized that malaria is a global health crisis. To my distinct pleasure, on a recent trip to Africa, Ms. Jiwani made time to visit Uganda, BUY-A-NET’s first target country, to learn firsthand the process BUY-A-NET is engaged in to save lives from malaria. I found this truly remarkable.

    Ms Jiwani is a humanitarian who truly embraces and embodies the spirit of voluntarism. She is the voice of many who do not have one.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am very grateful to have Ms. Jiwani on our networking team. Thank you.


    Debra Lefebvre, RN, MPA
    Chair of the Board
    BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group
    (613) 542-1264


  23. Almas, Congratulations on your award! It has only been a short time since I have had the pleasure to work with you on the board of CCUNIFEM and you have inspired me to become a better women. I look to you as my mentor.

    Kimberly Ellis


  24. I’ve known Almas for only two years but it seems like I’ve known her for several lives. Why? She reached out to me…spoke my language in the same way she captivates the heart and soul of every woman she speaks to, wherever her humanitarian mission takes her. I’m not surprised the honour was bestowed on her and am thrilled to know her and have the opportunity to congratulate her. This is a big honour and one that is fully justified. Hurray!


  25. Almas, Congratulations on this much deserved award….you are such an inspiration to us all!

    Keep up the good work, the world NEEDS you :)


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