Naz Kamani in Hike 4 Life


At the age of 54, Nazneen Kamani’s life has taken a new course, and for the first time she is in a place where she can accomplish the goals she set for herself as a young women. On December 26th Naz will be beginning the first leg of the 19,340 ft climb up to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. This six day hike will be the ultimate challenge of her life.

Naz is doing this hike to raise $6500 for Focus Humanitarian Assistance. Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) is an international emergency response agency providing humanitarian relief and assistance and disaster risk management for vulnerable communities located primarily in the developing world. It seeks to enable communities located in regions vulnerable to natural or man-made hazards, to reduce their vulnerability, prepare for disasters, and to be resilient when they do occur. For more information on FOCUS, please visit

Naz Kamani – Participant Hike4Life 2007/009

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  1. Way to go Naz!!!!! I am very proud of u too!!!!!! I have no doubt u will make it all the way!!!! Congrats and Good luck


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