Golden Melodies: A Musical Journey from Central Asia

Post updated with Music CD insert and audio clips below

A musical journey from Central Asia, Golden Melodies Vol.1 is a private initiative to commemorate the Aga Khan’s Golden Jubilee. It is a blend of new and classical poetry, traditional yet innovative.

The idea of sharing the Central Asian poetry and melodies came during my memorable five-year journey in the mountain valleys of Badakshan, Tajikistan, where I was involved in educational programs with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

You can visit to see the photos of my journey in Tajikistan and in the Hunza Valley while sampling some audio clips of the poems/Qasidas.

Golden Melodies seeks to promote cultural understanding and increased dialogue through words & melodies inspired by mystical poets such as Rumi and his universal message of love which is at the heart of these compositions. UNESCO has declared 2007 as the Year of Rumi.

Many have contributed to this recording including the Afghan community in Canada, helping in documenting and preserving these precious words and melodies. My special thanks to all of them. Tashakur, Khulugh.

As a result of the CD sales to date, we raised $500.00 donated to the Aga Khan Foundation to support social development funds. Thank you to all those who have participated in and contributed to this important initiative.

Karima Kara |

Do Dast Man
Ay Rahnoma
Ali Guyam

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

16 thoughts

  1. It is a great initiative and very inspiring melodies! Aussi beau que le CD précédent ”Isharat : melodies from Tajikistan”.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice and your wonderful journeys in Pamir, the Bam-i-Dunya …


  2. I often ask myself, how can we express our identity and culture in an inclusive manner and allow space for others to do the same? How we create the desire for dialogue and education across what, at times seem to be, cultural divides.

    One plausible, universally appealing and intuitive way is through music.

    That’s why i am honored, humbled and excited to have been Assistant Producer on the Golden Melodie project.

    The positive feedback has been most welcomed. I look forward to future creative encounters and collaborative endeavours that can flourish from this initiative.


  3. I would highly recommend those interested in the music of Central Asia, and the AKDN’s support of music & culture in that region (via AKTC), to purchase “The Music of Central Asia” Volumes I, II & III:

    These three are produced by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Further details about them can be had at:

    They are also available at JK literature counters.


  4. Congratulations! The melodies are beautiful and it was inspiring to visit the photogallery of your experience in Central Asia. What a fascinating place – I will visit the AKDN website to get more information on how to get involved in international development work. All the best, Xu


  5. Wow, the music and the singing are just beautiful – full of the charm and taste of Central Asia!

    It is also a highly rewarding initiative and should definitely be carried on!

    Thanks for your work!


  6. Karima,

    You have done a marvelous contribution to preserving the art and culture of Central Asia. This is what I would also like to do for my people living in the sub-continent of India. Well you have shown me what to do.

    I would highly recommend to everyone to have a copy of her CD. The music and singing is mesmerizing and we can’t ask for more.

    Keep up the good work!!!!! Congratulations my friend, you deserve it.


  7. Une voix resplendissante, des mélodies apaisantes, quoi de mieux que Musical Journey from Central Asia pour prendre le temps de ralentir notre train effréné et d’apprécier chaque instant. Félicitations pour cette symphonie de douceur!

    [A resplendent voice, alleviating melodies, what could be better than Musical Journey from Central Asia to take time to slow down our unrestrained train and to appreciate each moment. Congratulations for this symphony of softness!]


  8. Dear Karima

    It’s so nice to hear the Golden Melodies poetry/Qasidas. It’s spiritually moving with an eastern and western touch in it. As an educationist from Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, I recommend that you take this fabulous and creative work forward. Can I request you to include some poetry from Hunza?

    God Bless,

    Shahida Sultan


  9. Karima,

    I was deeply moved when I listened to the Golden Melodies. What a wonderful way to inspire a deep appreciation for the rich cultural treasures and musical traditions of Central Asia!

    Congratulations for reaching out to a wide audience through this universal language!



  10. my dearest friend Karima,


    This cd is breath-taking! Thank you so much for bringing out this soulful taste of Central Asia. I like to also thank all the musicians for participating in this project. This is all about ‘building bridges’ and you have shown us a perfect example. I hope you will continue doing this and keep bringing out the hidden treasures!

    love, light and peace


  11. Golden Memories is a great musical journey that takes me to different parts of the globe. I enjoy listening to the music and scanning the images of Central Asia. The music is deeply rooted into the spheres of peace and togetherness.
    Keep up with the good work and looking forward to your next album.

    With much respect, peace and blessings.



  12. Absolutely fantastic!

    Thank you so much for making golden melodies. You have the perfect talent to continue making albums of all the Qasidas. Your pronounciation is just like our Central Asian Jamaat. Although it is very hard for some people with Farsi not as their first language to pronounce the words correctly.

    Good luck !

    With lots of love,

    Fatima Asadzada


  13. Yaa Ali Madad
    Thans alot from this beautiful and uesful website and these Qasedas are very nice.How can i get these full melodies, if it is possible.
    Yaa Ali Madad


  14. Ya ali madad
    thanks for sharing ur beautiful voice with the world.
    ur are going to b the best qasida singer future.
    our best wishes are with you.


  15. Hi Karima, beautifully sung. Wondering if you can please post all the lyrics for your Qasidas somewhere here or e-mail them to me, that would be just fabulous.


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