Maclean’s family – teaching at Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

The BIG Adventure

mcleans.jpgFor the past year Brenda and Scott have been planning to teach overseas. We have been talking with family members, friends, and colleagues and have been asked WHY many times. One of the main reasons is to look at simplified our life and our children’ schedule. With four children and with each participating in one activity, the time away from home as a family became a challenge. Alone time as a family as well as couple time became more difficult to juggle. The other significant reason was to provide all family members, particularly the children, with an opportunity to emerge into another culture and encounter how others in a community may live. You know, there is a bigger world out there than Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the McLeans were going to experience it.

So where do you begin? That was the question that Brenda asked. She began researching through the internet as well as talking to friends and colleagues.


Regardless of the outcome, we did our preparation and were interviewed in our home city of Calgary, called that same evening and was asked to come the following day for a further debriefing. We attended a second interview and then waited for over ten days to hear the news … Yes, on April 22, 2005 we were offered teaching jobs (Brenda – physical education to K-5th grade; and Scott – guidance counsellor with primary responsibility for grades 6-12 with some support to K-5th grade).The AGA KHAN FOUNDATION – Mombasa Academy School in Kenya, Africa had just hired two Canadian teachers with their children (Jordan – 11 years old, Tait – 9 years old, Kyle 7 years old, and Ty – 5 years old). The journey begins …


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi there!

    I just found you blog by googling teaching in Mombassa, I am a UK teacher and have an interview with the Mombassa Academy next week. I have also 2 children, 15 and 11 who will join me if I get the job! I have done some research about the place but would love to hear from fellow teachers that have been or are there with children.
    Any information on lifestyle, security would be greatly apreciated.

    Thanks in advance for finding the time to reply.



    1. Worry not. Your security is highly assured. Mombasa is the most peaceful and calm city in Kenya. Interms family and morality, your interests are at your dependance and open to people of more diversity. Welcome


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