Pakistan – old Garden East JamatKhana

Courtesy and many thanks to Hassanali Janmuhammad (nanabapa).  It would be helpful if anyone could provide the history or the date of the old JamatKhana building.

Pakistan - Garden East JamatKhana, old and new

Author: ismailimail

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  1. Dear Nanabapa:
    The old Garden Jamatkhana was donated by my father-in-law and I was also involved in the construction of the new Jamatkhana. You will find details in my family record “Traditionally Devoted” likely to be completed in about three months. If you could please let me e-mail your address, I will send you a copy by post free of charge.
    (P.S. I am also a nanabapa of an eleven and my age is 81. )
    Ya- Ali-Madad from A.Sultan


    1. Ya Ali Madad Ada:

      I am happy to see your comments. When I saw Garden JK, I explained my kids the back ground about it and then I saw your comments and soon I recognised you immediately. I am Bandehali.
      We met for a few seconds at the Deedar last year here in LA and then we couln’t meet. However, I am happy to ‘find’ you here.
      Please write me. My e-mail address is: When time permits, please tell us something about ‘Tekri’ as well.

      Thanks & Regards



    2. Dear sir ,
      You have earlier mentioned that the land was donated by your father in law for garden jamat Khana , that’s great but can u tell me how much area was donated and when.

      Thank you


    3. Great news there are so many silent workers in our community that is why this community is one of the leading community in the world.


  2. Maa Salaam wa Ya Ali Madad.
    My dear Abdul Sultan sir i am very happy to learn about u also it is my great pleasure to Meet an old person of garden east Karachi Pakistan. sir my name is Hassan Ali Jan Muhammad my mothers name is sakina bai she was known as (baima) may u remember her i am her elder son we were live in basaria chaal, late Bassaria Pirwani was my (nana bapa) now may u recognize me properly, sir i am 83yrs old young man i am nana bapa of 9 & also i am great grand father (pardada) we migrate to Canada in1992 presently i am living in Niagara falls Canada, some time USA to visit my family member, sir still i have remember many our old garden easts (which was called Bagicha) fellows still i have remember every streets & old buildings, now as time go ahead there r many changes, sir u did not have added ur fathers name so it is hard for me to recognize u properly nor u have mentioned where r u living right now, any how once again i thank u for ur kind to remember an old known person, i pray may mowla grant u long & healthy life also mowla shower his choicest blessings & fulfill your best wishes ammen. my best regards & my parental love & prayers to your great family, Allah belly see u soon inshah allah. Yours truly nana bapa.
    Hassan Ali Jan Muhammad
    my email address is


  3. Oh I remember you; your brother’s name is Kassamali. You were in W.B.High School, with me, in Karachi. I migrated to UK ten years back. I am in Stockport and go to Manchester JK.
    The old Garden JK was built and donated by Aetmadi Bhula-ali Khimani officially but actually his son Aetmadi Bana Bhula-ali was the doner. The construction work started in autumn of 1918 and inaugurated in Spring of 1920 with Sagridham for whole of Karachi Ismailis in its compound and diamond ring for the Contractor etc. For other details I will send my booklet.
    Y.A.M from A. Sultan. (Nanabapa of an eleven)


  4. Dear Grandpa Hasan Ali,

    I am the great great grand-daughter of Missionary Raamju Bhaghat. My grandma’s name is Varsiani Shah Sultan Kamdia Ramzan Ali–Garden Jk. I read your messages and I shared your stories with my dad, Amir Ali K. Ramzan Ali.

    We are currently residing in Florida, USA. I wanted to learn more about the services of my great grandparents. If you happen to know them which I hope you do, could you kindly share them with me? Thanks.:)
    With best wishes


  5. Ya Ali Maddad to one and all,

    Some amazing information about the history of original Garden Jamat Khana.

    Could anyone be able to give me a background on Mukhi Jivraj Ladhani. I am told he was once a Mukhi Saheb in the original GE JK.

    Thank you for setting up this blog, I am learning some much about the history of my ancestorial neighbourhood.


  6. Dear spiritual brothers and sisters!

    I am Niamatullah from Kabul, Afghanistan in 1999 I migrated to Karachi Pakistan, with all family members, I saw most of the Karachi Jamat khanas Kharadar, Gardern and we lived in Karimabab area I went to Karim Abad and Ali Abad Jamat Khanas for Dua,

    Karachi Jamat Khanas were well constructed and were very nice.

    With utmost regards,



  7. 8.Heloo my brothers and sisters I am grand son Mukhi Bundheali Ladhani of Bagicha walla, My grand father was the Mukhi of Garden along with and successor of Mukhi Jivraj Ladhani, Jamati people use to tell me good stories about my granpa, One I rember the most is when my grandpa walk to barber shop in Nusserwanji Rd, members stay in away from that street and who ever smoke that time he have to eat the cigrate,or he just hidein the pocket without difusing it. My Late beloved chacha Sultan kept all the golden pictures in his library, I personally grew up in side Garden jamat Khana, and our Building was behind the Khane. And can hear dua and holy Ginans from my bed room. He was the first Mayor of Karachi, He has several schools and street name after him. I love my Mukhi.

    Rahim K.Ladhani of Bagicha walla.


  8. Hi

    Does anyone know where Alnoor is?

    Alnoor is the guy who used to sell cold drinks in front of new garden jamat khana during seventies and early eighties. I met him in Santa Clara near Shilpa restaurant during the December of 1998.

    If you guys know where he is. Please do inform me of his whereabouts. By the way my name is Alnoor as well.



  9. I am blessed as i am chosen to be Imams Murid

    I waw brought up in Garden and my memories are unforgetable

    Garden Jamatkhana is in My Heart

    I prayed in Jamakhana and whatever i asked my Maula he has given Me
    Now i m in dubai for 3 years and i am missing Jk

    Hussain Hanif


  10. Dear Miss Arzoo,
    Was your grand father or great grandfather called Haji Ramzan? Did he live prior to 1920s in Kharadar? I am on the look out for two names Haji Rahmatullah and Haji Ramzan of Kharadar area. These names are given in the address in the year 1928. I don’t know whether these are the names of persons or some areas named after some personalities in Kharadar. I am searching for some lost relatives who were left in 1928. The address given is Haji Rahmatullah,
    Haji Ramzan,
    Haji Jetha Gokhla
    Near Korgi Garden
    Adjacent to Masjid

    By the way I am an Indian, living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My grandfather left his daughter Safia and son Mohsin with some Ghulam Shah and the address was the above mentioned. My grandfather was returning to India from Kazmain(Iraq). Could anyone help me with some information about the above address?


    1. Ya Ali Madad to all my Ismaili brothers and sisters. I love Garden Jamat Khana. I have been to different Jamat Khana but Darkhana Jamat Khana Garden East is the best. I will always remember it. When I go back to Karachi to visit my family this year I will definitely attend the Garden Jamat Khana on a daily basis. Right now I live in Virginia, USA.


  11. Ya ali madad,

    I am from the garden,but I remember my new jamat khana which I regular go to khane and still I never forget to garden.


  12. I heard from our departed elders that the old Garden Jamat Khana was originally constructed by Aetmadi Bana Bhula Ali.

    An extension was erected by 4 or 5 Umadvars about 25 years after the orignal construction. The extension is missing from the above photgraph.

    New Jamat Khana’s top floor was construction by Noor Ali Bana, grandson of Aetmade Bana Bhula Ali.

    Bana’s family constructed jamat khanas from generation to generation.

    I won’t be surprise if I hear that Noor Ali Bana’s son, Habib-Ullah Bana, who resides in L A, has followed the footsteps of his forefathers.


  13. Ya Ali Madad.
    My Name is Feroz Ladhani, And I am a great great and great son of Mukhi Jivrag Ladhani I am proud of him. He was the first Mukhi of Garden jamat khana. And I spend my whole childhood life near old garden Jamat khana, It was my golden days.


  14. Ya Ali Madad
    My name is Mahmood Ramzan.I have spend my 23 years in Garden Jamat Khana and i started my night school in old Jamat khana building in 1966 or maybe 67 .My memories with sir Hakim.I am 48 years now in Seattle USA .Thanks for sending old Jamat Khana Buildings Picture.
    I always miss those days.


  15. Ya Ali Maddad One and All,

    Trying to trace my roots and gathering historical and social facts about
    Mukhi Juma Sadruddin (Sambu) Khimani 9My wada Bapa)and Mukhi Jivraj Ladhani (my Nana Bapa)
    Mukhi Bande Ali Ladhani (great great uncle)
    and finally anything about a person name Mama Sultan.

    I will sincerely appreciate all your conttibutions as this information will enrich our lives.

    Best of Regards,


  16. YAM


    1. do u still live in costarica .. ? is tandoori p. yours ? my name is shahina , i live in vanc. bc , i am coming to cr soon.. was browsing to see if ismailis live there ? if there is khane there?
      p/s reply me at alohasheenavancouver AT,
      thanks. i have cpl friends there from bc home and one of them doc.


  17. Salaam. My name is Dawood Ghaznavi and I am looking for an old school friend of mine, Bana Habibullah, who I believe emigrated to the USA a long time ago. I am currently living and working in Thailand but wanted to reconnect with him to talk of old times and to know how he and his family are.

    My email address is :

    I shall be grateful to anyone who can connect two old friends.


  18. Dear All Ismaili Brothers and sisters

    I m so glad to search this website/blog through Google I am from Darkhana Jamat Khana and I am living in Garden Area too. My Father was very devotee to Mowla and Jamat and he always use to provide Abe-shifa after morning Jamat Khana to all Ismaili who were in our colony. and my entire family is involved in jamati kidmat. my one of the uncle Alijah Rajab Ali Hajji had opened Darkhana Pani and Shoe service and provide many Kidmat to other institutions as well
    I really very happy to read all comments and share these informations


  19. Ya Ali Madad,

    My name is Shehzad Ali, I am from Kharadar Jamat Khana, Karachi, last month I have shifted to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, if any one knows the address of jamat khana in Jeddah, please let me know the address or phone number of jamat khana, my email address is

    Thanks & regards,


  20. hi my name is Shahzad khimani. I am also from garden karachi . my nani use to live in mukhi bande ali building & I use to go to diffrent houses to collect nandi @ lunch time because my nani use to takecare nandi during daytime .people call here Jile nandi wari. if anybody knowa Salim Sudruddin Jamal grand son of Jamal jamatbhai please send me some info about him we use to go to same school.gym khana


  21. hi i am atiqa ali 4m hunza valley.i am student i like to participate in jamat khanaz services.right now i work as a teacher 8 slimabad night school.I wish i will do something 4 people.


  22. Wow

    I have many memories of Kharadar old Jamat Khana

    I remember every moment

    Ragra, Ghuban, Movies, Pan, Chatoor, Hampshery hotel, Garib hotel, Police chowki, Satada, HRH Aga Khan school where I got price from Hazir Imam head master was Hussain sir,

    Wow again.


  23. i love darkhana jamat khana i remeber, last when MHI ,visiting karachi in 1976, in 90′ n finaly in 2000.. i visit garden jk when ever go karachi ,, fountain ouside , nightschools. wazir rahim b ground., cantein , imam s room on top floor ,, outside . ghora gharee , pakorey bhagey wali anty,ice cream cone ,, n asia bakery….i love garden..

    rafiq ramazan ali mawani (uk)


    1. Dear Rafiq!!
      I recognized you very late!! and I remember we used to live at Adam Colony in Garden area had fun in REC and Darkhana JK!!!! it was great time I still remember different annual functions of Adam Colony REC where our dear and great teacher n mentor Mukhi sahab Darkhana JK Alijay Mehdi Surma Wala did great efforts for Drama presentations and new songs with moral messages!!! Acho Acho Baaro taankey gulan ji shan bhudaya!!! I love this song still in my mind!!!! this blog recall all my memories!! right now I am living in Garden Machi bazar area and going to Garden JK now I am working as STEP teacher with ITREBP!!! :) I really love to post in this blog!!!!!

      Noor Deedar Ali Sajwani!!!!


  24. I m Sher Jahan from karachi Pakistan, whenever i find time I attend Garden JK i really feel too much relax when i attend JK in Garden its really a wounderful JK may mawla bless all those who denote and construction this JK. my email address:


  25. I am Abdul Sultan Khemani, currently Mukhi of Darkhana JK, Garden people use to call me Taan. Nice to hear you all, Today Garden is completely change, Aga Khan Chaal, Gowani building, Jivraj building, Health Centre building, Sachidina lodge, Molo Para and all the surouding para including Mowjee building has been gone and new Apparment building raised except the Easa Gudu building.
    Request to all old resident of Garden to please do visit with your children to show them how the jamat was leaving in this area and how the Imam’s visit at JK compound, at Aga Khan Park and Gymkhana ground. These are our roots and our generation should carrry the family as well as Jamat history with them.


    1. Dear Mukhi Abdul Sultan & all my fellow brothers and friends of Garden JK
      I was born and raised in Garden East and frequented Darkhana JK, former Garden JK. I started my jamati volunteer services by becoming member of Pani & Shoe company during 1965 war. Still remember wrapping up the water drums prior to commencement of black out period and then running home with my mother. I was only 10 year old then. Thereafter, served for few years in Garden Light Committee under the leadership of Mehmood Qamrudin. Finally got what I wanted, became member of Garden Orchestra, in 1969, under the able conductorship of Mukhi Alijah Mehdi Surmawala. Had the great fortune to have played and performed with such talented artists; Jaffar Sadiq, Khurshid Sheerazi (now Khurshid Noorali), Nizar Lalani etc. Migrated to Canada in 1980. Returned to Karachi in 1984 and lived in Islamabad for 14 years and finally re-migrated to Canada. Currently I reside in Toronto.

      How can I forget Shera’s Falooda, Masi Bhajia wali, Guban, Garden Store, Asia Bakery, night school in the old JK building with Hakim sir (BE Civil from NED), an excellent batsman as well (broke one of his fingers while batting), Aga Khan Park. I can go on and on ! I have not been to Garden JK since 1984 and God do I miss it ! Inshallah on my next visit to Karachi, a vist to Garden JK will be on top of my agenda.


      1. it was nice to hear u after ages, hope u r doing fine, my son Sulaiman with family, wife Azmeen and son Aahil and daughter Muskan are in Toronto as landed immigrant in 5th month. shamim and aamir fine, I am as I always was.


      2. Brother YAM
        i read you in blog and thank you very much for names u mentioned in your writing. do you have a old ismaili song start from ” Oh Oh oh Takhat Nashini Pyara Karim Ni Ismail Ho Jee na raja rey”
        i not remember exact words of song but like this. if you have please send me or old songs of Jafar Sadiq or Khurshid Sheerazi my email add is


        M.I Bless you and Flourish you – Aameen


  26. Dear Mukhi Sahab!!!
    thanks for the post and update from Garden Darkhana JK !! I really proud to say that I am from Garden I born here, raised here and still Living here with new commitments and new future endevours !!!! we all love Darkhana JK n Garden area!!!! please upload more pics if you have!!!!


  27. I am Shiraz Ghulam Ali I live in Garden East and attend Darkhana Jamat Khana Daily. I think Darkhana Jamat Khana is the biggest JK in Pakistan.


  28. My name is Akbar Ghulamali Nathani I spend my 32 years in Garden East areas. I love Garden Jamatkhana I really proud to say that I am from Garden I born here, raised here.


  29. Ya ali madad to all the veterans of Garden Jamat. I was raised in Garden, lived in Chagani Para for longtime, my father’s name is Sharifali Delawalla and mother Fariyal Delawalla. I was fortunate to serve garden Jamat for 25 years. I miss my days in garden.




  31. I am Salim Sadruddin Sajwani elder son of Sadruddin & Rahmat. My father was known as Sadru Painter (for writing AmeerPir Bus banners for Bablu) or Master saheb for working in Little Folk’s School. Cusion of Asia Jewelers – Sajwani’s. We born, lived and raised in Aga Khan Chawl. Currently living in Houston, Texas and my parents are in Chicago. Love n cherish each n everything of childhood. Bhajiyaa wali Maasi, Abdal Mama panwala, Mooloo Pakoraywala, Sadru Kiryanawala, Manjee Chaki, Fejoo Drycleaner.
    I was there in last summer and most of the things are changed a lot but one thing remains the same and is Darkhana Jamatkhana – the same noorani feeling everytime.


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