Azim Keshavjee – Comfortably Numb – Canada’s Pink Floyd Show

Musician from Ottawa, Canada. It is a very success story for an Ismaili in the entertainment industry.

Jeff Moffatt
Public Relations for Azim Keshavjee
Moffatt Media Group

Azim Keshavjee – Comfortably Numb – Canada’s Pink Floyd Show

Azim – songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist lead vocals, all guitars (acoustic, electric), mandolin, sitar, tabla, piano/keyboards, drums, bass Azim Keshavjee defies classification as a person, and as a musician. The British-born, mostly Canadian-raised, multi-instrumentalist saw his life change before his eyes, and his path laid out before him in one simple moment…watching Jimi Hendrix perform musical magic on BBC in the late 60’s. Barely old enough to hold a guitar, this epiphany was enough to chart a clear musical course for Azim through his youth and adult life. Indeed, it was the seed for the musical greatness that would follow.

Since the early 80’s Azim has performed, recorded and toured professionally with a number of bands. He has also honed his craft as a musician and developed an innate talent and understanding of numerous genres of music including classical, jazz, blues, all of which he has married in a beautiful, unique way to his ethnic heritage. His command of instruments such as guitar and keyboards is second to none, as is his proficiency on instruments such as tabla and sitar. His diversity as a musician sets him apart and has made him a compelling artist.

Azim’s story also has a centerpiece that is defined and influenced by a love and respect for the music of Pink Floyd. After being exposed to rare recordings of Pink Floyd from the 70’s, Azim already a politically and socially-minded individual, was drawn to Floyd’s groundbreaking work. Azim turned this passion for Pink Floyd into his own vehicle of self-expression in 1993 with the formation of Comfortably Numb. Born out of a desire to put on a large scale, multi-media show and to satisfy a growing audience of Pink Floyd fans, the transition was a natural one. Fans who had heard Azim perform described him as ‘playing like David Gilmour’ and ‘sounding like Roger Waters.’

AK has spent the last 15 years developing and redeveloping ‘Comfortably Numb’, not only musically but band and team personnel. The show has grown significantly with help from companies like XYGRGB (XYZRGB: 3D company who have worked on films like, The Lord Of The Rings, Batman Begins, King Kong and more), Prism Management Group, moffatt mediagroup and NOC Visual Alternatives.

Toronto based agency, Paquin Entertainment who represent some of Canada’s top recording artists, recently signed Azim and Comfortably Numb to an artist representation agreement. They are currently on working on touring the band in Canada, the US and music festivals in Europe.

An immense amount of time and effort is spent on the visual element of the show to produce a spectacular performance and a truly magnificent 70’s Pink Floyd experience. AK has always felt that Comfortably Numb is not a “clone act” but a show based on what Pink Floyd did in the 70’s, a dynamic show that evolved and changed from night to night. One where songs developed and changed directions rather than a stagnant predictable ‘album version – note for note’.

After years of on-going sold out shows and success, the band added the label ‘Canada’s Pink Floyd Show’ – which for Azim was a very proud moment. Four years later Comfortably Numb – Canada’s Pink Floyd Show has evolved as “Considered musically, one of the best in the world”. An endorsement by Brain Damage Online, the only Pink Floyd fan website in the world supported and contributed by all the members of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.

AK is married to his life and musical partner Solveig Keshavjee, who also performs in Comfortably Numb. They are proud parents and make their home in Ottawa, Canada.

In addition to his work with Comfortably Numb, Azim owns and operates a successful music school in Ottawa. He has also recently released his first solo album with The AK Project, called “Outside The Cage”. The album has enjoyed both critical and commercial success has been a featured album on influential indie music sites like

Upcoming shows of note –

The Opera House
Saturday March 3rd, 2007
Toronto, Canada
4pm & 9pm shows
All Tickets –

Canadian Museum of Civilization Theatre
Saturday March 17, 2007
Gatineau / Ottawa, Canada
4pm & 8pm shows
All Tickets – (Sold Out)

Visit the official Comfortably Numb- Canada’s Pink Floyd Show web site for additional information

Visit the official AK Project web site for additional information

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6 thoughts

  1. Hey dude,
    Your surname ‘Keshavjee’-is it from the family that came to South Africa from Gujarat, India in the last decade of the 19th century?

    If so, which branch of the family are you from? Who was your direct ancestor from among the four pioneering brothers: Jivan, Velshi, Manji or Naran Keshavjee?


  2. Hello,

    Azim Keshavjee is from the Velshi Keshavjee side of the family. His Grand Parents are Alibhai and Amrat Keshavjee and parents are Firoz and Freda Keshavjee also based in Ottawa, Canada. Azim’s mother is the daughter of Hassmaly Khoja.

    Many thank for the interest.

    Jeff Moffatt


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for replying so promptly. I am also from the Velshi side of the family and had no idea that we have a rock star in the family. Its fantastic! Not only was the late Alibhai Velshi Keshavjee my grandfather’s older brother but the late Amrat Keshavjee was also my late grandmother’s older sister. I know and have met Azim’s parents and other grandparents as well.

    The above highlights one of the great values of a website like Ismaili Mail. I mentioned in an earlier comment how it gives us an opportunity to hear about people we would never otherwise hear about and now I discovered a relative I never knew existed.


  4. hey i just wanted to say hi to azim and tell him i lost his email. can he please send a hello. we are in prescott now and i would love to come and meet his family. for ol time sake………ALLRIGHTAROONEY


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