Noorbanu Nimji – A Spicy Touch Cookbooks

This is the home of the famous Indian Cookbook series, A Spicy Touch, by Noorbanu Nimji.

Noorbanu Nimji - A Spicy Touch Cookbooks

Author: ismailimail

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20 thoughts

  1. This was the cook book and author I had emailed you about
    but the name escaped me at that time.It has helped me a lot
    to learn more about cooking after what I learnt from the family.
    Ismaili mail, superb work!
    All the best always


  2. i am tring to get recipe for Gubban, a piece of little laddoo made with yogurt or cheese and I used to enjoy it in my childhood at school.


  3. I would like to purchase you new cook book , if you could let me know where in Edmonton I can find the new book it would be greatly appriciated …thankyou Almas Sumar


  4. Dear Noorbanu, Sept. 30, 2007

    I am interested in purchasing your A Spicy Touch Cookbooks Vol. I, II and III, if you could let me know where in Toronto, in which Indian grocery stores can I find these books, or if you can suggest to me where I can buy them from.

    Your response will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Not sure if you got your answer. The books are available at the following grocery store.
      Famous Cash & Carry & Halal Meat  Address: 1871 O’Connor Dr, North York, ON M4A 1X1
      Phone: (416) 755-5425. Hope this helps. I think Vol II is sold out.


  5. Dear Noorbanu i have your cookbooks vol 1 n 2 , i was given as a gift …your cookbook is so wonderful ..i’m a complete learner n so bad in cooking but by following your recipy all turns out really good thank you..i would like to now if your books are available in Tanzania -Dar-es-salaam so i can buy the 3rd vol..plz advice
    Allah Hafiz


  6. Dear Noorbanu,

    I would like to purchase “A Spicy Touch Vol 3” in UK.
    Could you please inform me with a list of distrubtors in UK.



  7. Hello Mrs Khimji,

    I would like to purchase “a Spicy Touch Vol 3′ Could you please let me know where I can pick it up in Montreal or in Calgary. I live in Montreal.
    I can also ask my cousin to pick it up from you in Calgary and mail it to me in Montreal.

    Thank you. Have a great day


  8. I would like to purchase A spicy touch vol 3. I live in Toronto. Do you know any bookstore where i can buy it??? Thank you. Have a good day.


  9. Hello Madam,
    I would like to purchase A Spicy Touch Volume II and III. I live in Nairobi Kenya.Kindly let me know where I can purchase them from here in Nairobi.


  10. Dear Noorbanu Nimji, I have seen your books in Uganda at friends’ houses and I would like to buy all three. I am in London and don’t subscribe to Amazon. How can I buy your books?


  11. Aunty Noorbanu,

    I would like to purchase all three volumes. I live in Toronto…please advise where they are available …i used to see these books from time to time at Ameers Grocers …grocery store is long gone…
    Thank you, Neena


  12. Aunty Noorbanu,
    I am an Ismaili, and I would like to buy your book (Vol 3) because I learned to cook all of my favourite foods from my childhood from your books (Vol 1 and 2, which I have). My family all use your cookbook – it is indispensable. I just realized that you have vol 3 and would like to purchase it – please, let me know if you could send a book to me by mail if I can send payment by cheque or another method. You can reach me at Many thanks….I look forward to hearing from you.


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