New Book by Ismaili Author – Anil Giga

The Invisible Way

Mankind has explored every square inch of earth, every piece of land, ocean and mountain yet it remains suffocated in a world filled with tragedy, sickness, despair and unhappiness. This is because the imprints of our past actions are etched into the soul binding us to the karmic laws. The ancient masters taught of a secret way by which we could erase the negative imprints on our soul empowering us to rewrite our future and create a life of abundance!

Every humanbeing is faced with two choices, to accept our fate and condition or take the responsibility to change it. The Invisible Way contains the sacred templates that empowers you to change your life and attract into it boundless happiness, joy and fullfillment.

About the Author

Anil Giga has a B. Sc. in Economics from Hull University, England. He is married to Yasmin and together they have three children. Anil is a prominent and well-known Calgarian with a record of contributions spanning 20 years in Canada.

Host of ‘Giga Files’ Calgary Television for ten years, Anil hosted his own television show presenting politics, social and multicultural issues. Anil has received numerous awards of recognition. As a public speaker Anil has lectured to thousands of people in cities across Canada and the U.K. on balanced living. As a columnist Anil has written freelance columns on business and social issues for 15 years for the Calgary Sun, The Chamber of Commerce magazine and community periodicals. Anil’s volunteer service has earned him the following awards and distinctions: The Presidents Award for Outstanding Service to the Community, The Wisdom and Watchfulness Award for dintinguished service and a Nominee for Citizen of the Year for the city of Calgary.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

One thought

  1. Anil, thank you very much for the book The Invisible Way. I am reading it and enjoying it. I am sure your guidance will lead me deeper into spiritual discovery. Thanks again, and it was nice to see you after so many years. You may be aware that I am a painter, here’s my website –
    Sher Nasser


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