Nashir Samanani – President and CEO


Nashir’s technology knowledge and understanding comes from over seventeen years of hands-on exposure to large-scale technology initiatives. He has founded several technology firms and is experienced with taking companies from concept to revenues and exit. Nashir’s last technology firm, Erasoft, went from concept to $75 Million US in sales in under 18 months with sales to most major Fortune 500 Companies in North America and globally in five continents. Nashir sets the strategic vision and direction for Elluminate. He brings strong insight on trends and innovation driving the rapid introduction and adoption of new technology in various industries.

Nashir graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from the University of Calgary. He is experienced with financing, M&A and building partnerships. As Chief Executive Officer, he has closed half a dozen major rounds of financing for various companies at a time when it has been difficult for technology companies to secure funding. He has also served as an adviser and mentor to numerous technology companies both in Canada and the United States.

Nashir also has over 15 years of experience working in senior positions with non-profit organizations, including with organizations like the United Way. He has also spent over seven years working in senior positions with a not-for-profit educational organization chartered with promoting and fostering excellence in education.

Author: ismailimail

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