Nurses graduate at Aga Khan University Uganda

Nurses graduate at Aga Khan

Publication date: Tuesday, 19th September, 2006

By Mary Karugaba

UGANDA needs nurses who have developed the core competency required to provide quality care to patients, state minister for higher education Gabriel Opio has said.

“In Uganda, nurses constitute the largest percentage of health care providers offering several services at all levels. However, opportunities to strengthen their skills and knowledge remain limited,” Opio said.

He said despite significant success in improving health services, Uganda still lacks the capacity to move the health agenda and national development goals.

He was yesterday officiating at the 4th Advanced Nursing Studies programme graduation for the Aga Khan University in Uganda.
A total of 17 nurses were awarded degrees in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme and 23 students received diplomas in the Enrolled Nurse course.

Opio said, “The shortage and imbalance in the distribution of trained health personnel in the public and private sector poses a serious obstacle to the achievement of four Millennium Development goals.”

He requested the nurses to stay in the country and remain committed to providing quality service.
Opio commended the Aga Khan Foundation for its contribution towards the development of the education sector in the country.
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Author: ismailimail

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6 thoughts

  1. Hi friends, am very pleased that Uganda is benefiting from the effort of Aga Khan trust, praise the lord for his contribution.


  2. hey,
    bravo to Aga Khan,
    we pray that the brain drain in the health sector is delt with.
    we pray and hope for best health care!!!!


  3. wow; what a real contribution to the well being of the best creature of God, i can say only Marhaba to beloved Aga khan!!!!


  4. Heartiest Congratulations! May God bless them all. Ameen.
    Proud to be an Ismaili and a follower of His Highness The Prince karim Aga Khan.


  5. dedicate sulati maida which briefly says that if you save life of one man kind you will have saved lives of many peapl long live agha khan


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