“Ud Chala”- Natasha Baig (by Maqam Station)

Voyaging across the world, who do you look for?

What is that you seek? Who do you roam for? 

He’s anchored within closer than your jugular vein*

It is you who’s complicated this let go of the reins 

Abandoning the path I fly, I soar soaking in your hues my Rangrez

Abandoning the path I fly, I soar soaking in your hues I am the colourful

I soar soaking in your hues my Rangrez 

You read through every book there is, yet never sought the knowledge within

Entered every temple and mosque there is, but didn’t enter the temple within

In vain you fight the devil outside while oblivious to fighting the evil within 

Bulleh Shah what do you read the sky for? when you never read that who lives within

Poetic translation in English: Nadia Rahim- Irfan S Ali

“Ud Chala” is a new original song by Maqam Station featuring exceptionally talented singer from Karachi, Pakistan, Natasha Baig.

Ud Chala is based around the word “Rangrez” a Persian word which means dyer – a person who works with colors and dyes. The term is widely used in Sufi songs.

In this context, it is the Rangrez (Guide, Murshid) who would color (by imparting True Knowledge) your cloth (mind) for that union with God.

Around the same idea, Farhan Shah has written this line “Ud Chala Ray Ud Chala Tere Rang Main Rangrezi” which has been poetically translated by Nadia Rahim- Irfan S Ali, as “I soar soaking in your hues my Rangrez, in your hues I am the colorful.”

The song also features poetry by Baba Bulleh Shah, the 17th-century Punjabi philosopher and Sufi poet, who prods us to go on that difficult inner journey of self-discovery.

Video Source: JollyGul.com

Song: UD Chala

Singer: Natasha Baig

Lyrics: Farhan Shah – Kalaam Baba Bulleh Shah

Music Composed & Produced by: Farhan Shah – Shahid Rehman @Udankhatola

Audio Mix-Master: Shahid Rehman @Udankhatola Studios Karachi

Poetic Translation: Nadia Rahim – Irfan S Ali

Video Director: Ali Raza Padaniya @Unikrew Production

Camera: Umair Bhojani @Unikrew Production

Post: Shahroz Shahnawaz Sharif @Unikrew Production

Vix & Grade: Ahsan Suleman @Unikrew Production

Concept / Storyboard : Saqib Khan

Artist Coordination and Manager: Hassan Ali Effendi

Executive Producer: Irfan S. Ali

Presented By: Farhan Shah and JollyGul.com

“Maqam Station” is a separate and independently run music initiative by JollyGul.com, spearheaded by award-winning director / composer – singer Farhan Shah and Executive Producer Irfan S. Ali.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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