World Partnership Walk 2021 East York (Toronto) Champs Team

Benefits achieved by following renowned attributes – By Kamrudin Rashid, Toronto, Canada

The team known as East York Champs raised $141,433 for Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk held virtually in 2021 owing to the pandemic. At the outset, we feel dutybound to mention some relevant qualities and attributes of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAS):
Honesty; Trustworthy; Flexibility; Conscious Responsibility; Gentleness and Good Manners with Companions-Colleagues. Our beloved Prophet (May Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny) was the most influential person in history and a perfect example to mankind.

At the local community level at the East York Jamatkhana (former Headquarters Jamatkhana), we have achieved and experienced practical proof of following the qualities and attributes of our beloved Prophet and the Imams. This was evidenced in our efforts to raise funds for the annual World Partnership Walk during 2019, 2020, and 2021 although the latter two were organized virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

During these three years our team known as “East York Champs Team” was a top fundraiser in Toronto. The following was achieved for the 2021 virtual walk as of December 31, 2021:

  1. A total of 228 members on the team;
  2. Top Participants: 2 out of 20 participants from East York Champs Team
  3. Team Honor Roll: 1st East York Champs Team = $141,433.00.
  4. Top Teams by Type – Friends, Family & Community – 1st East York Champs Team across Toronto and also across Canada;
  5. Top Fundraisers – 1 out of 5 from East York Champs Team.
    This amazing success was achieved by the hard work, dedication, devotion and commitment by the team leadership with the support of over 200 young and old members of the team.
Photo: Kamrudin-Rashid
Photo: Kamrudin Rashid
Photo: Kamrudin Rashid
Photo: Kamrudin Rashid

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