Zen Tharani – 2021 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award

As we continue to face the ongoing impact of the pandemic, one thing the annual Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards shows us is the importance of determination — the ability of the human spirit to overcome challenges they have no control over, yet rise above them with a positive mindset. The 2021 Top 25 Canadian Immigrants are all shining examples of this spirit.
Canadian Immigrant

An Award Recipient- Zen Tharani
CEO and founder, Xenex Consulting Inc.
City of residence: Victoria, BC
Country of origin: Pakistan

“As a newcomer, it is difficult to find where you belong when everything around you has changed so quickly,” Tharani says. “Everything was new and not knowing where to go for support was challenging.”

Today, he has become that point of support for others. “My consulting business focuses on providing customized services to help clients achieve their goals. The services we provide are built on my personal values of authenticity, trust and empowerment.

He also does this as a volunteer. “I dedicate my time volunteering helping professionals within the BIPOC and marginalized communities find their footing in the digital health profession,” he says.

“I am passionate about digital health,” he adds. “Recently, I was elected to the board for Digital Health Canada, a non-profit professional association that connects and empowers the digital health professionals creating the future of health in Canada. I believe that with the right people, approach and supporting technology, we can help enhance the health care services that are provided in our country.”

Tharani is also the national chair for Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s annual World Partnership Walk. “Over 35 years, the World Partnership Walk has raised more than $125 million, in support of international development. This year, we hope to raise $6 million,” he says.

“I truly believe that volunteering in Canada provided me the opportunities to sharpen my ability to work with people and helped me build other skills while providing a sense of belonging.”

Zen Tharani’s Top Tip: “Build a profile on LinkedIn and start to connect with people. The whole point of LinkedIn is to enable networking and collaboration, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t shy away from highlighting what you have accomplished [before coming to Canada]. Learning how to contextualize those qualifications and experiences is important. And for that you will need to ask for help.”

Source: Canadian Immigrant

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