The Artist’s Way | Meet Mubarak Ali, an artist from Karachi, Pakistan

Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed.” This statement from Khalil Gibran inspires many!

“God is the greatest and finest Artist”, says Mubarak Ali from Karachi, “so the natural beauty is something that drives my creativity, moreover social issues ignite me to create something in order to convey a message to society.”

Two Beautiful Souls’ | Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
We need to understand that we all creatures are connected, we are important for each other, our environment is inside us, leaf on face depicting the dependence of human on nature, we can’t live without greenery, it provides oxygen and if we cut down greenery, so we are cutting down ourselves too.

Women’s Struggle Throughout Life’| Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

No description available.
Women around the world have to face many problems in life, some are natural unchangeable like child labor pain, menstruation period pain, sometime they can’t explain her suffering or people can’t understand, these two were unbearable yet female facing these with full courage we have to understand her suffering, and appreciate her sacrifices, other problems which caused by society since ages which can be changeable which include abuse, forced marriages, lack of education, inequality and much more the storm of problems are huge but they do not give up rather they ace that storm, next time whenever you see a women struggling do appreciate her, either it’s your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or any female.

About Mubarak Ali

Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali, a passionate teacher, and fine artist loves to motivate others. In art, his work has been recognized at both national and international levels.

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