Walid Ehssan (HearTist): A Day at The Magnificent Aga Khan Garden, Alberta, Canada (@UABotanicGarden)

Walid Ehssan (HearTist) latest art work set against the backdrop of beautiful Aga Khan Garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

O  people!  Worship  your  Lord,  Who  has created  you  and  those  before  you,  so  that  you  may  become  pious.  Who  has appointed  the earth  a  resting-place  for  you,  and  the  sky  a  canopy;  and  caused  water  to  pour  down  from the  sky,  thereby producing  fruits  as  food  for  you.  And  do  not  set  up  rivals  to  God  when you  know  (better). Holy Quran 2:21-22

The gift of the Aga Khan Garden symbolizes the hope, peace and unity that can come when people interact with each other amidst the beauty and inspiration of nature. The garden reflects the Aga Khan’s belief in pluralism, openness and inclusion.

Honestly, behind every piece of art I work on, specially His Highness Aga Khan’s portraits I create, the work of Imamat and Quran in general are the driving forces and sources of inspiration that gives me strength to put extra hours for completion.

I live in Calgary and drive to Aga Khan Garden in Edmonton is about 6 hours for me. I decided to go on a long drive because, I wanted to capture the beauty of Aga Khan Garden, and to set an atmosphere for ART and NATURE admirers to feel that ambience so they can sense the true peace in their hearts when they view my video.

Sami Yusuf’s song “Jaaneh Jaanan” which means “My Beloved” with its deep and soulful music completed the purpose of my project.

I would also like to acknowledge Alkarim Samji for his help with the video shoot.

Walid Ehssan (http://www.weheartist.com/)

Video Source: Walid Ehssan (YouTube)

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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