Rising Star: Inaaya Dhamani


JollyGul.com has launched its new “Rising Stars” service as part of Imamat Day 2020 Celebrations. “Rising Stars” are pre-teens and teens who have shown considerable promise and passion in producing devotional songs and music of all genres. JollyGul.com will work with parents to assist in enhancing the visibility and distribution of their work as well as help with production, if needed, on an ongoing basis.

JollyGul team is pleased to announce that Inaaya Dhamani is JollyGul.com’s first “Rising Star”.


JollyGul.com has launched Inaaya Dhamani’s website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now listen to all her ginans, qasidas and devotional songs in one place with lyrics and English translations displayed at the same time on our custom audio player.

This is a timely launch for Inaaya’s 11th birthday coming up on July 6th. The idea to spring a surprise on Inaaya for her 11th came from Arzina Merali who has been extensively involved with audio production of ginans, qasidas and granths for different Ismaili artists over many years. We worked with Inaaya’s mom Noureen to gather content for this stealth project. So there is a chance you are seeing this even before Inaaya!

The website has the following sections: Profile, Audios, Gallery (Pics), Updates and a Contact Form.

Please start listening to Inaaya’s wonderful recitations on your computer or smartphone browser by clicking on the link (https://www.jollygul.com/inaaya-dhamani/) or through the JollyGul On-Demand (green) App if you have that installed.



Inaaya Dhamani

Born in the hot sands and summers of Qatar, Inaaya Dhamani is now settled in Edmonton, Canada. She is the only child of Aziz and Noureen Dhamani as well as the only grandchild of Rahemet and Allauddin Dhamani, Parveez and Abdul Hussein Pirwani.

Inaaya was only 4 years old when she developed her passion for music, arts and singing – thanks to her dear uncle Aquil Pirwani who brought out this hidden talent in her. This passion continued and took a new form in learning ginans, qasidas and geets. She was professionally vocal trained in Qatar and continued receiving training in Canada.

Inaaya’s voice was a part of the official Diamond Jubilee album released by the Council of UAE by Kamal Taj. Her biggest and happiest achievement was her duet with Kamal Taj (Wo Shaam Mujhe Yaad Aaye) at the age of 8 in early 2018. She has been passionate about learning songs and qasidas in different languages.

Music and singing are very close to her heart. She has recited and recorded ginans with audio production by Arzina Merali. The ginans were subsequently submitted to Ginan Central website and published as her Volume 1. Inaaya is continuing to record and expects to have Volume 2 ready in the near future.

Inaaya is also very talented in artist skills like drawing, painting, sketching and origami. She lives and breathes arts and music each day and wishes to build her professional career in the field soon. She has also been selected to showcase her talent in the Suhana Safar – Khusiyali ki Shaam Imamat Day 2020 Celebration Event where talented Ismaili artists from across Canada will also be participating.


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