Journey Back to Light: Poem by Ayso Milikbekov

I lose my strength, you fill me up with strength again,

I blind myself and you make me seeing again,
I burden myself with thoughts overburdened,
You lift me up, I drift in peace with heart unburdened.

In two worlds I seek your Face, I’ve lost my mind,
Displaced angel, I’m out of place from my birthplace,
I’m from out of space, from the placeless place,
I’m nor this, nor am I that, do not disclose my case.

Where I’ve come from, there will I go again,
With music I come, with drum and rubab again,
Thousand years I’ve travelled, thousands to come,
Come with me unhesitant, see what is yet to come.

Sufi, lovers of the Shah are made of Light,

Know that: “We have sent to you clear Light”



Ayso Milikbekov, poet and a writer, Political Science and International Relations IMG_1155graduate, currently pursuing MA in Islamic Studies and Humanities at the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.

Coming from the high mountains of Badakhshan, where the tradition of Ismaili religious-philosophy and poetry plays a major role in the expression and experience of spirituality, I have come to nourish profoundly intimate feelings towards the mystical path of Islam. Inspired by Attar and Rumi’s book of “Divan-e Shams-e Tabrez”, I have started to write poetry in English, Farsi (Tajik-i/ Dari/ Shugni) and Russian. My initiative, mainly shared under the name “Ismaili-Sufi”, is rather relatively new and humble compared to other brilliant contemporary writers. I consider poetry that expresses spirituality as a kind of prayer, a prayer that is meant to polish one’s heart and get them closer to the beloved.

Follow him on Instagram: ismaili_sufi

Author: Sujjawal Ahmad

Sujjawal is an invited blog author from Pakistan. He finds it extremely exciting to develop a deep love of cultures around the world. The stories that are about humanity, and emotion, that compel us as individuals, and connect our hearts and minds are the kinds of stories Sujjawal has always gravitated to, and the kinds he tells. He can be reached at:

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