#Eid2020 Special Gift: Maalik Mere by Salim-Sulaiman ft. Raj Pandit, Vipul Mehta, Salman Ali

Salim – Sulaiman– Composers, Producers

“As was tradition, we had planned on working on the Eid song back in March. But come maxresdefaultmid-March, we all went under lockdown and it kept on extending. It didn’t keep us from doing what we were determined to. One after the other, as a team, we overcame the hurdles and yet, not a single member spoke about the difficulties we faced in completing it in the lockdown. Everyone was only filled with positivity and a holy objective – to bring this beautiful song for all of you, before Eid. Stay home, stay safe, and celebrate this auspicious occasion with us and your loved ones. Eid Mubarak!” Source

Kamal Haji- Lyricist

“With Maalik Mere, my recent collaboration with Salim-Sulaiman; my hope is that this song will ideally create a moment of reflection for the listener.
Insha’Allah, it will remind us of our journey in this world, and how in the end whatKamal-Haji really matters is the closeness to the Almighty.
This prayer was written with all humanity in mind, regardless of one’s religious, national or ethnic affiliation.
The process was more intense this time due to fact that we were completely under the lock-down and working in a different setting – not to mention the very tight deadline we had set for ourselves for the release of this song.
I truly believe that Salim-Sulaiman are writing history with the tradition that they have set for annual releases of their devotional songs on Eid-Ul-Fitr. This one was truly exceptional due to the present times and what the world is currently going through.
Eid Mubarak to all celebrating!”

Raj Pandit- Singer

“Given the current lockdown, creating a song for Eid felt almost impossible. But such isRaj the power of music & ppl’s energies coming together, we present to you #MaalikMere – quite literally from our homes to yours. Eid Mubarak!” source



Maalik Mere | Official Video | Salim Sulaiman|Team 07 | Raj Pandit | Vipul Mehta | Salman Ali

Music Composed & Produced by: Salim – Sulaiman
Lyrics: Kamal Haji
Singers: Salim Merchant, Raj Pandit, Salman Ali, Vipul Mehta
Additional Music Production: Raj Pandit
Santoor: Rahul Sharma
Guitars: Nyzel D’lima
Tabla, Dholak: Sanket Naik
Mixed & Mastered by: Aftab Khan
Video Post Production at: Industrywalas
Editor: Jeetu Rall
Grading and Finishing: Kunjan Hasija
Directed by: Shakti Hasija


Times of India article: Salim-Sulaiman battle challenges to come up with special Eid prayer song.


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