In search of Liberation: Poem by Ayso Milikbekov

Till the world is going to exist, heart will melt in romance,

Till the dawns are going to be coming, soul will advance in dance,

From south-most point to northern sky, heart will sing and fly,

From deepest state to drunkenness great, love will bring warmth of July.


Till breath will be in the chest, mind will be waiting for our date,

Till heart keeps beating and well is fate, for your arrival I’ll constantly wait,

From hundred wonders of the world, seeking your Face is my mandate,

From various spells around the world, your messy eyebrows dominate.


Confused and lost in the world, Sufi refrain to anchor anywhere!

Aim for higher love and her curly hair, she is your prayer & your pair.




Ayso Milikbekov, poet and a writer, Political Science and International Relations IMG_1155graduate, currently pursuing MA in Islamic Studies and Humanities at the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.

Coming from the high mountains of Badakhshan, where the tradition of Ismaili religious-philosophy and poetry plays a major role in the expression and experience of spirituality, I have come to nourish profoundly intimate feelings towards the mystical path of Islam. Inspired by Attar and Rumi’s book of “Divan-e Shams-e Tabrez”, I have started to write poetry in English, Farsi (Tajik-i/ Dari/ Shugni) and Russian. My initiative, mainly shared under the name “Ismaili-Sufi”, is rather relatively new and humble compared to other brilliant contemporary writers. I consider poetry that expresses spirituality as a kind of prayer, a prayer that is meant to polish one’s heart and get them closer to the beloved.

Follow him on Instagram: ismaili_sufi


Author: Sujjawal Ahmad

Sujjawal writes on philosophy, and cosmology. In his teenage, he continued to aspire reconciliation between faith and reason, and this journey finally ended up finding answers in the works of the great Ismaili Muslim philosophers imbibed with gnostic wisdom. His particular area of interest focuses on how to relate to a theological “narrative of creation” to the concepts of cosmology as presented in classical theism. With his background in science and his interest in Philosophy he has struggled much, in his personal journey, to reconcile faith with science, and continues to develop and share his understanding about the nature of reality. Contact via email:

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