Our Artists, Our Heroes: Fez Meghani (@fezmeghani)

JollyGul.com has launched Fez Meghani’s website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now conveniently play and enjoy all Fez’s devotional geets and songs in one place.

The website has the following sections: Profile, Audios, Gallery (Pics), Videos and a Contact Form.

Please start enjoying all of Fez Meghani’s wonderful songs on JollyGul.com website platform on your computer (link below) or through the JollyGul.com On-Demand Smartphone App.


If you do not have the green color JollyGul.com On-Demand App installed on your smartphone, links to the Google Play Store (for Android phones) and Apple App Store (for iPhones) are provided below. The Apps are free of charge and will not take more than a minute to instal and will greatly enhance your listening experience.




Fez Meghani is an Ismaili Muslim American singer, songwriter and producer, whose music focuses on conveying values of hope, peace, love, generosity and kindness. Over the course of the last 16 years he has produced 5 musical albums that traverse a mystical landscape of spirituality, love and devotion.

Fez is best known for the exhilarating and runaway hit Golden Jubilee album titled, “A Golden Sunrise”, which contained songs such as ‘Mawla Tu Hi Tu Hai’, ‘Kab Aate Ho?’, ‘Golden Hai, Golden Hai’ and ‘Allahumma Salli Alaa’.

Besides his focus on composing and producing, Fez also travels around the nation, speaking at conferences, conducting workshops and facilitating sessions on the role, diversity and impact of music in Islam and Muslim societies.

Along with his band The Sufistics, comprised of long-time musical collaborators Aftab Ali and Pervaiz Mirza, he has performed numerous shows to audiences as large as 30,000 all over North America and Southeast Asia, including the Islamic Music Festival (2010 and 2011) in Kuala Lumpur, attended in person by the Queen of Malaysia. Together, they have also performed at the Special Olympics in 2015, held in Los Angeles, California. In December of 2014 and 2015, the band headlined the “Ishq-e-Noor’ and ‘Ishq-e-Ali’ tours, a series of 9 intimate performances at the newly opened Ismaili Center Toronto, where they collaborated with instrumentalists from the award-winning “Life of Pi” soundtrack.

In 2019, they completed one of their most definitive and critically acclaimed concert series titled “Expressions Of Love”, a flagship program of ITREB USA, with 49 performances across 20 cities in the USA. A revised version of this program titled “Ibaarat-e-Ishq” was just recently performed by them in Tajikistan with 2 concerts at the Ismaili Center Dushanbe and 2 concerts held at the Khorog Jamatkhana & Ismaili Center.

Currently, they are on tour with a newly formatted performance titled “Woh Din: Memories of the Mulaqaat” with recent performances concluded in Calgary and Dubai, the latter being at the Ismaili Center Dubai. This tour has been paused for now because of COVID-19 with the focus on virtual concerts for the time being.

Fez Meghani has also produced “Diamonds In The Sky”, one of the official Diamond Jubilee musical albums. It contains newly popularized songs such as ‘It’s Diamond Jubilee!’, ‘Mawla Mawla’ and the viral hit, ‘Aa Raha Hai’.

In addition to the core group, The Sufistics also consists of accomplished guest musicians who have performed all over the world including Europe, South Asia and Australia.


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