Moman Chetamni By Amin Mawani Episode 4 – Ninda (Gossip)


Moman Chetamni (“Devotees Beware”) is a 630 verse granth (long format ginan) composed by Sayyid Imam Shah, the youngest son of Pir Hasan Kabiruddin.

Amin Mawani recites a few selected verses by themes with soothing musical accompaniment. This Episode 4 (3 verses) is on the subject of Ninda (gossiping) and the spiritual harm that it can bring to us.

Our capabilities to engage in gossiping, backbiting, spreading conspiracy theories and fake news have been greatly amplified by the digital networks and social media platforms. We have to be careful that in the modern age, we could unknowingly be engaging in this behavior on a massive and wholesale scale. This is not only spiritually damaging but also morally wrong and plain dangerous. We have to be all very careful before forwarding or sharing stories that have dubious sources and credentials.

Remember, our faith is intellect driven and we embrace facts and science. If you do not have the time to assess the credibility of a story that you come across, please do not forward or share it. has released 3 Episodes of Moman Chetamni, in the recent past, on the subject of Imamat, Venti and Seva. They will be releasing 6 more episodes after this one on Ninda over the next 6 weeks on different subjects to make it a total of 10 episodes for the complete series.

This is a joint production by Amin Mawani and in time to mark the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of the Ismaili spiritual music creation and distribution platform.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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